Errors in the Tesla car – The Swedish Road Administration is considering recalling Tesla models

Errors in the Tesla car – The Swedish Road Administration is considering recalling Tesla models

The Swedish Roads Administration will soon make a decision on whether to ask Tesla to recall cars to replace the control levers.

The models in question are Model S and Model

It is not known exactly how many control arms have failed in Tesla models, but the Norwegian Road Administration and NAF have been monitoring control arm problems for a long time, he writes. VG.

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More than 35,000 cars

As early as November 2022, the Swedish Road Administration sent a letter to Tesla about this matter.

The last meeting between the manufacturer and the Swedish Road Administration was held in December. Now the decision is approaching.

Chief engineer Tor Ove Sætren informed engine The decision will likely be made early in the new year.

A total of 21,500 Model S and 14,300 Model X were registered in Norway.

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Tesla denies there is a widespread problem

In a response from Tesla to the Swedish Roads Administration, which VG has seen, the electric car manufacturer stated that this type of suspension arm failure occurs very rarely.

“Tesla believes there is no safety risk related to a broken or weak rear lower control arm (load lever).” He says the answer.

According to Naf, the glitch is most common in Model S produced in 2018 and earlier, but it can also occur in early years of Model X.

This is what Elbil24 thinks:

Elbil24 has known about challenges for a long time. We also took the opportunity to ask key people at Tesla about the challenges, but as usual, Tesla doesn't want to make a general statement about this.

On the other hand, Elbil24 confirmed that the new suspension arms were produced with better quality and stronger materials than what the cars were originally supplied with. This in itself is an admission of weakness.

The fact that Tesla knows the weaknesses, as well as has different methods to improve them, is not a good thing. Some customers have been flatly refused to correct the damage for free when the accident first occurred, while others have escaped the bill for the correction itself.

Recently, a report surfaced saying that Tesla had known about the defects in its cars for years, yet pushed the problem onto customers, including costs. Reuters conducted the investigation and prepared the report.

As a new and growing brand, Tesla has experienced operational and financial growing pains. Now, on the other hand, they have become so great that they have to learn to take evil at its roots, and to realize that the first loss is often the cheapest. Late recall campaigns have killed corporate giants in the past, but we don't think that will be the case here.

But Tesla must learn how to clean up his own garden, before the weeds take over.

(Opinion written by Fred Magne Skilbeck, Topic Editor at Elbil24)

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