Melody Grand Prix, MGP | Clear majority in auto-adjustment debate: NRK refuses to turn around

Melody Grand Prix, MGP |  Clear majority in auto-adjustment debate: NRK refuses to turn around

The feedback was welcomed and NRK received harsh criticism when it opened its doors At last year's Melody Grand Prix.

The offer is also up this year, and it remains to be seen whether participants in Saturday's first Dolphins final will choose to use the help. Margaret Berger (38), among others, previously told Nettavisen that she plans to use automation.

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Nettavisen's regular entertainment commentator Maria Ludvigsen strongly opposed NRK's ​​decision to auto-tune on Tuesday evening. In the same case, a clear majority voted “no” on the question of whether it was appropriate for NRK to allow the use of auto-tune.

1,928 Nettavisen readers responded to the survey, with 97 percent voting “no.”

Met to discuss NRK

One of the reasons why more people reacted to the auto-tune decision is because the tool is not allowed at Eurovision. NRK also does not disclose which MGP participants receive this assistance.

– It should be at least on screen who is using it, Ludvigsen said on Dagsnytt 18 on Thursday evening.

There she met MGP's music director, Stig Carlsen, to discuss:

– He answered: – The reason for not disclosing this is simply because the discussion is misunderstood.

MGP's music director, Stig Karlsen, is forced to respond when he is interviewed by Nettavisen's entertainment commentator.

Carlsen added: – As long as people don't fully understand what Auto-Tune is in a live context, we don't see any reason to go out and make a difference with it.

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He also said that Auto-Tune in live mode “can't save anyone”, i.e. turn anyone into a good singer.

“Right away, it's a fairly small correction,” Carlsen said.

-But why do you have then? the NRK ESPN presenter asked.

– It is to give a professional sound to the sound. “We want the sound to be at a similar level to other music programs on Norwegian TV, which are ‘Hver Gang vi Møtes’ and ‘The Voice,'” Carlsen replied.

Confident in his answer

After the discussion, Nettavisen asked NRK to justify its answers. The answers Netavisen receives from Carlsen via email bear largely the same wording as the one used in the discussion.

Carlsen remains confident in his case that auto-tune doesn't make a critical difference, and believes many people misunderstand what auto-tune really is.

– Auto-tune used during live performance cannot turn a bad singer into a good singer. It provides a simple correction, but it does not turn sour crows into skilled singers, Carlsen reiterates via email.

The music director points out that they don't want to turn this debate around because they want to deliver a professional audio product that is as good as the rest of the TV and music industry.

The debate is largely among people who may not have much knowledge about what this tool does, why we use it, and about modern music production in general, Carlsen wrote.

-He came to stay

– But is it more important for NRK to give a good program like other music programs, rather than for us to have a good MGP award and find the best artist for Eurovision, which most fans worry about? Ludwigsen asked again.

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One of the country's biggest MGP fans, MGP club president Morten Thomassen, like Ludvigsen, is critical. On behalf of fans, he recently asked NRK to remove the use of autotune, but was granted permission TV 2 A clear “no” – as well as a message that NRK will not back down from its decision.

As for the NRK decision, they refer to the previous answers:

“I feel we have justified the use well, as well as why we continue to use it,” Carlsen writes to Nettavisen.

– I'm still not a fan of it, but unfortunately it's here to stay, Morten Thomassen told TV 2 last week.

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