News, Bergen | Armed police action after stabbing

News, Bergen |  Armed police action after stabbing

On Friday evening, BA saw a large police operation in Hollendergaten in central Bergen.

After the dramatic news of Indremisjonshjemmet, large resources from the police and ambulances left.

Armed police

Police operations manager Dan Eric Johannesen tells BA that initially, the police received a report of some sort of collision.

– A knife was allegedly involved, he says.

Police armed themselves and eventually took control of two men — one in his 30s and one in his 50s.

– A man was handcuffed, PA's reporter observes at the scene at 9 p.m.

Police prosecutor Halldorsson confirms a 30-year-old man has been arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm. He will be arraigned on Saturday.

– The victim has been stabbed in the arm and beyond that I don't know about his condition, he says.

He was taken to hospital after being stabbed

The victim, a man in his 50s, was taken to Haagland Hospital for treatment, according to police incident leader Christian Meyer, who was at the scene.

– The person does not appear to have a life-threatening injury.

The mayor says police will be at the address to search for the item. Initially, there was uncertainty as to which material was used. Later, police prosecutor Halldorsson confirmed that it was a knife.

Just before 2300, operations manager Johannesen informed BA that the police had “conducted some seizures”.

– From a knife?

– I don't want to comment on more details.

– Are we talking about multiple items?

– I don't have a complete overview.

There are witnesses and video

Police say they have many witnesses to the incidents.

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– Mayor says we also have video from the area.

Indremisjonshjemmet's general manager, Bjørn Heradstveit, says the incident took place on a departmental corridor.

– Here there is a conflict between two of our residents, he says.

Heradstveit does not know the details of the case, but confirms they have video surveillance that captured the incident.

– Police are currently investigating this video.

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