Euron Stiansen cancels this year’s Halloween party:

Euron Stiansen cancels this year’s Halloween party:

Artist and TV presenter, Joron Stiansen (39) is known for his amazing Halloween costumes.

However, she can now reveal to Dagbladet that there will be no Halloween celebration this year.

– sad

-I started planning this year’s costume in February, but this year I’m canceling Halloween, she says.


But she does not want to reveal the uniform, in case it becomes appropriate to use it next year.

Dressed: Øyunn Krogh and Frida Hollund recreate the scandalous photo during a Lyko Halloween party. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Nora Gulbrandsen Skavhoj.
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-I like that no one except those close to me knows anything about the outfit I choose. I love the time I invest in planning and preparing to create the actual costume with my special effects makeup artist, Eileen. But it takes time, yes. It costs a little, and it is. But now I don’t have children, laughs the cheerful artist from Venice.

Scary: Jorun Stiansen was photographed here last year at a Halloween party named

Scary: Joron Stiansen was pictured here last year at a Halloween party as “The Predator.” Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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Stiansen, who usually doesn’t skimp on gunpowder, previously appeared completely unrecognized at Alexandra Joner’s annual Halloween party.

As for fashion, among other things, she took to the red carpet as the “Night King” from the famous series “Game of Thrones”, and last year Stiansen did her best to stand out and dress up. As a “predator”.

- He started laughing

– He started laughing

Perhaps the most famous celebration was the one held in 2019, when Stiansen appeared as Voldemort from the “Harry Potter” series.

She did not hide the fact that the costumes were expensive, and that she spent hours in the makeup chair before the party.

Enemy: Here Goron Stiansen dresses up as Voldemort, Harry Potter's archenemy.  Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour

Enemy: Here Goron Stiansen dresses up as Voldemort, Harry Potter’s archenemy. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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– He takes precedence over fashion and parties

The actress has mixed feelings about the fact that this will not be the case this year.

-It seems a little weird because I love the planning and time I invest in Halloween costumes. But this year it seemed appropriate to prioritize time at home considering that we would immediately be taking over our new old house here in Grimstad. She says all the focus now is on planning and taking control.

Unknown: As

Unknown: As the Night King, it was impossible to see that this was Goron Stiansen. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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It will create something completely new

A year and a half ago, Stiansen was able to reveal that she and her roommate Egil Fore, 45, were interested in moving. More recently, the couple purchased what she described in a previous interview as “a cozy little 19th-century Southern country house with a sea view.”

I was shocked: Model and actress Heidi Klum is known to many as the Queen of Halloween. See what she was wearing this year! Reporter: Christina Corneliussen/Dagbladet TV
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The house is located in the center of Grimstad, and the couple will take over on November 1.

-He’s getting so fat! We’re planning to create something completely new, something different, and something that truly represents me and Egil. We are Super Stuka. So just follow along.

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