Expect more flights among vegetarians today – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Expect more flights among vegetarians today – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– We ask everyone who does not need to go out and drive to get out of the car when driving conditions are as difficult as we expect. If you must go out and drive, we ask motorists to drive carefully and according to the conditions, says Oslo Police Operations Manager Tor Grottam.

Oslo police received several calls on Saturday evening about slippery roads and difficult driving conditions due to rain in Asker, Bærum and Oslo municipality.

– In places where life and health are in danger of being slippery and where dangerous traffic conditions are likely to occur, contact the police and inform the road authorities, says Grotham.

She insists that people don’t need to call to say that it’s okay to be vegan.

– We know the whole district is slippery.

Vegtrafiksentralen East also agrees that it is wise to leave the car parked. They report smooth roads around Oslofjord and north towards Mjøsa.

– Driving conditions should be good on the main main roads, but from Gardermoen further north towards Mjøsa it can be slippery on the E6. They say it can be difficult to see what is smooth.

The Southern Road Transport Center advises that parking is allowed but good driving conditions on the E18 through Vestfold and Telemark and Buskerud.

Canceled bus routes

Several bus routes in Tønsberg, Færder, Horten and Sandefjord have been canceled on parts of the route due to slippery roads.

According to Westfold Public Transport’s homepage, as of 17.00 on Saturday, eight routes were affected.

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– It’s a blink of an eye that can be changed quickly. says Trant Myhre, Divisional Manager at Westfold Public Transport.

– Safety must come first. If it’s not safe to drive, we can’t drive, he says.

May be overflights

Meteorologists have issued a warning for icy parts of Aastlandate. After several days of heavy snowfall in southern Norway Light now and precipitation may come as showers.

– This will lead to snow melting on the road network, and this will lead to local flights, the transport operator said. Arvid Wahlstrøm at Vegtrafiksentralen East on Saturday morning.

According to Wahlstrøm, drainage can be filled by rain and snowmelt.

– Drainage and containment areas should be thawed or cleaned.

He said it is dangerous during the afternoon and evening hours on Saturday and Sunday.

– It can be slippery, so we have repeatedly gone to road users and told them to be aware of it and adjust their speed accordingly.

Slaps: When this picture was taken, there were no major incidents on vegans, but regular slaps on vegans, according to the National Roads Administration. This is from the E6 outside Hamar on Saturday.

Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration / Webcam

Many places in the country are ready

In Westfold and Telemark, the county council advises that there may be freezing rain and demanding conditions for vegetarians. They are on full alert all weekend and all crews are out.

– We are now prioritizing the opening of waterways to drain as much water as possible. Trond Haugstad, head of operations and maintenance at Westfold and Telemark, says that we should prioritize this over the removal of all pedestrian and cycle lanes.

Asbjørn Stensrud, head of divisional operations at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in Inlandet, says he is prepared for the weather forecast. If there is a lot of water, they are ready to dig a hole.

There are somewhat high snow edges and if there is a lot of water it creates challenges. So we are ready with excavation and road graders to remove them.

Reidar Dåstøl is a building guard at the county road network in Aktor. He also says that they are fully prepared on the road regarding the reported weather.

– After all, rain has been recorded at an altitude of 1,000 meters, so all contractors are on full alert. They dig so that the pits are open. There is snow inland and rain on the coast, Dåstøl says.

They will go to Akhtar with extra vegetarians. It is bare on the coast, while 60-70 centimeters of snow falls locally.

Earlier, there was a meeting between meteorologists, the police, the Norwegian Road Administration, Nye vegar and the county to examine the upcoming weather conditions.

Vegtrafikksentralen Sør, which oversees the road network in Agder, Vestfold and Telemark and Viken Sør, expects challenges in traffic early Saturday.

Trailer overturned in Valdres.

Traffic accidents: The snow that hit southern Norway this week led to several accidents on vegans. The accident happened on Friday in Vestre Slidre in Valdres.

Photo: Hallvard Bjørge

A good time should be calculated

Anniken Island in the Southern Road Traffic Center on Saturday asked people to adjust their speed to the conditions and keep a good distance from other road users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Annikan Island says you should allow plenty of time and follow posted traffic notices.

Inland police said traffic was smooth in the morning. But they also focused on weather forecasting.

We encourage you to drive according to the conditions and allow plenty of time. Take care of each other, says Andreas Ulshakan Jorde at the police in Inlandet.


KJETTING: In recent days many road users have been struggling with vegetarianism. On Friday, Robin Rosenström had to put a chain on the car on the flat ground in Nittadel.

Photo: Marit Chran-Igre / NRK

Most mountain passes are open

Most mountain passes in southern Norway are temporarily open.

County Road 53 Tyin-Ardal closed due to bad weather.

County Road 27 above Wenapiktsfjellet will remain closed until Sunday morning, when a new assessment will be made.

In Vikafjellet it was closed, but there was a convoy driver from 12 o’clock on Saturday.

Hol-Aurland was closed but reopened Saturday morning.

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