June 26, 2022


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Facebook has found a way to trick Apple

Facebook has found a way to trick Apple

Meta and Apple are at odds with each other, not only for the anti-tracking built into iOS and iPadOS, but Apple charges 30 percent when someone makes an Apple Pay transaction, as well as on third-party apps like Facebook.

Mita thinks this has always been legal

Apple policy prohibits app developers from offering other payment options, at least until Dec.

Anyway, Meta has found a solution that they think is legal: Because it’s the creators who send the payer to the alternative transfer method “Facebook Pay” (via external links), not Facebook, the social network circumvents the fees and the company allows the creator to keep 100 percent of what they earn Except for taxes, of course.

This is what Zuckerberg says

Now that we have built the House of Poetry, we focus on providing opportunities for creatives to make money from their work. Apple’s 30 percent transaction fee makes this hard to do, so we’re updating our subscription product so creators can now earn more.

Mark Zuckerberg, Head of Meta

Facebook also offers rewards ($20 per person you hire), with a maximum of $10,000, for those who choose to take advantage of this instead of Apple Pay which is also an option.

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