Fire at an apartment building in Oslo

Fire at an apartment building in Oslo

A fire on the third floor of an apartment building in Oslo is struggling to put out the fire.

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Emergency services have been dispatched to Frøkner in Oslo after smoke billowed from an apartment in a block of flats.

– It burns fiercely from the third floor, operations manager Rune Hekkelstrand tells VG.

– Fire brigade has no control.

After 05:00, the police report that the fire service has extinguished the most powerful flames, but there is still smoke.

– The fire may have spread to the 4th floor through the floor partition, making extinguishing more difficult.

Heckelstrand told the VG a while back that the fire service found it challenging to put out tenements in the 1890s.

He said that the residents of the apartment have left on their own. A total of 23 people have been evacuated.

No one should go missing.

An ambulance is on site and will check if anyone needs help.

At 05.43, the police write in an update that all eight apartments in the hallway where the fire broke out appear to be uninhabitable tonight. This is due to smoke and water damage.

Ambulance service is operational to provide alternative location to victims.

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