Fisker Ocean – – The worst car I've tested

Fisker Ocean – – The worst car I've tested

Car manufacturer Fisker Ocean is one of several new entrants to the market in recent years, which has now been tested by popular YouTube profile MKBHD with over 18 million followers.

The American is not satisfied with the Fisker Ocean SUV, which is behind the Danish businessman and car designer Henrik Fisker.

Thieves wreak havoc

Thieves wreak havoc

– the worst

– It's the worst car I've ever tested, concludes MKBHD, whose real name is Marquis Brownlee, At the beginning of the video, Which has been viewed more than two million times. It also has more than 8,000 comments.

He comments on the parking brake that doesn't work, the lack of Bluetooth and the cameras that don't work like they should, but also the weird warning lights that beep for no reason. Brownlee also says it's not possible to see how electricity from solar panels will affect a car's range.

“If you spend time with the car, it shows its ugly side,” the YouTube profile says and concludes:

– I have only owned the car for two days, but if it had been offered to me for free, I would not have accepted it.

advice: Winter weather can cause your wheel arches to fill with snow and ice, so it may be wise to take some precautions. Video: Berit B. Njarja / Embla Hjort-Larsen / Storyblocks.
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It's not all negative

Admittedly, not everything is negative about the car, according to Brownlee, and he highlights several things that he believes are positive, such as the design, comfortable seats, certain things about the driving experience, but also the size.

– I think the general theme here is that this is just a young company that doesn't quite know what to do with many of its choices yet.

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– unfair

The trouble started even before Brownlee took possession of the car. Fisker Ocean was unable to deliver the electric vehicle on time, so the YouTuber had to go through another dealer who arranged a model for him to borrow.

When Fisker Ocean learned that Brownlee had gotten the electric car, they tried to make him wait for the next software update before test driving the car, Brownlee says in the video.

To DinSide, a Fisker Ocean spokesperson explains that they offered to send the YouTuber and his team a technician who could ensure the car, which was an early release, was updated with the latest updates, but Brownlee wanted to use the car without having to. Updates.

– We believe we have been somewhat unfair towards Fisker, says the spokesperson.

The automaker also explains that almost all of the issues identified are limited to the early version of the electric vehicle. Among other things, they corrected brake problems.

“We are working closely with those who purchased the car early to correct any errors they may have,” says a Fisker spokesperson.

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