Flat Glimt – VG

Flat Glimt - VG
More feedback: This is what Aspmyra’s remote section looked like before meeting with Vålerenga on Monday night.

BODØ (VG) Bodø / Glimt has constructed barbed wire fences in the far section. Vålerenga fans and the Norwegian Football Association both react to this. Now Bodo/Glimt is apologizing.


– Aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly annoying thing, it’s a relic of a time when supporters were treated like criminals and monkeys. Even UEFA have given up on this, and so one would think Bodo/Glimt did too, Vallenga supporter Erling Rostvag and Klanen spokesperson told VG. to Fighting Which ended with a huge loss for Valerenga.

Aspmyra’s VG reporter was able to see the barbed wire in the distal section from one long side. Ron Hogseth was a delegate present in Bodo at the work of the Norwegian Football Association. He was astonished by the scene, like many others.

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– Barbed wire at the back of fan square, and between Vålerenga supporters and other fans, Haugseth tells VG.

On Monday morning, Bodo/Glimt’s general manager, Frode Thomassen, said the club would take note of the criticism and lie down. He explained that the barbed wire was put in place as an additional measure towards European matches.

– He’s also been there all fall, but this is the first time we’ve received criticism for that. Of course we take it very seriously. I understand that criticism is coming. Fans far away will feel welcome at the Aspmyra, Thomassen tells VG.

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He almost promised that the barbed wire would be gone when Vikings supporters visited on April 21.

– If you can’t use barbed wire, we will remove it. We will adapt, of course, says Thomassen, who adds that he has not yet spoken directly with the NFF about the issue.

As usual: At home at the Intility Arena, there are no barbed wire fences for Vålerenga supporters.

The NFF has received several letters about barbed wire. Competition director Nils Fisketjønn appears surprised rather than a supporter of the Glimt movement.

Barbed wire and razor wire belong in history, Fisketjønn tells VG.

He states that the main focus of the NFF was to ensure that VIF supporters had free escape routes in case of emergency.

– As far as I know, it does not prevent escape to the track. The NFF leader says it’s very important.

The clan responds in disappointment.

As a group, people tend to act according to the expectations placed upon them. Referring to everyone who comes into battle as dangerous and difficult, says Rostav, only facilitates conditions for those who might actually be interested in making trouble.

The image on the left in this tweet shows Rosenborg supporters at Aspmyra two weeks ago:

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