Focusing more on store security – may put a stop to some of Hurdle’s promises – VG

Focusing more on store security - may put a stop to some of Hurdle's promises - VG
Not ready for the weekend: The most important meeting for next year’s state budget begins Monday. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is preparing for the weekend job, not for the weekend fun.

The Prime Minister’s Office (VG) says Prime Minister Jonas Kardashian (Labor) understands the concern over rising prices and the war in Ukraine, but warns against pumping out billions of oil to offset inflation.


At the same time, he is adamant that the economic situation is completely different now than it was when the hurdle site was created in October, and that if security and preparedness are to be given priority, promises from there must be put on hold.

– Now being at the top of my list is safe financial management, says Store VJ.

There won’t be much leisure time this weekend, he confirms. This Friday afternoon, close employees of the store are eating buns in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. They will spend the weekend preparing for the budget conference on Monday.

– You don’t want me

The key lines for the 2023 budget will be laid there. At the same time, the world and the economy are changing rapidly. The prices of food, electricity and fuel have risen significantly, and the war in Ukraine is making the future very uncertain. For the state and the family.

– I understand very well that people are worried about wallets now, says Store.

– It is a priority for this government to stand up for people with low and modest incomes. If we do it wrong, it will end up having the opposite effect, i.e. it affects ordinary people with middle and lower finances. I do not want yours.

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Example: The bust of Willie Brand, a German social democrat who won the store when the brand won the prize in 2013, is given a prominent place behind the store desk in the office.

Wrong choice

In line with rising electricity, oil and gas prices, federal revenues have risen sharply. But Store says it’s wrong to think that more extra revenue can be used to prevent negative consequences for people and companies.

– We must make choices and not succumb to the temptation to spend big money in ways that affect ordinary people, especially those with weak finances.

– What could be an example of a wrong choice?

– Now the Norwegian economy is underperforming and under pressure on low unemployment, prices and wages. It would be a wrong choice now if we think that the temporary high returns coming to the Norwegian pension fund can now be used in the Norwegian economy.

Surveillance: Increased readiness will consume the economic room for maneuvering in the future. Here, the store is on tour of the surveillance aircraft P-8A Poseidon at Evans last week.

Fear of rising interest rates

– We know very well that two things will happen: First, interest rates will rise faster. For a typical family with debts of less than four million, this would increase the interest rate by more than 30,000 kroner a year. The Prime Minister has warned that this is a bigger explosion than food prices or fuel prices and we should avoid it.

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He also points out that Crohn may be under pressure.

– Second, if we press the gas too much, it will strengthen the Crone transfer rate. This will affect Norwegian companies competing internationally.

– Let’s tell the truth

Støre also warns against blindly viewing increased revenue.

– Let’s tell the truth about Norway’s increased revenue. The truth is that we get revenue when energy prices rise quickly. But Norway, a country with a pension fund, is looking at the other side, which is that bond markets are falling, he adds:

– As of today, it is difficult to say how this calculation ends. Since the new year, the pension fund has lost up to NOK 1,000 billion.

Therefore, the store will back away from several well-meaning plans to spend the estimated NOK $ 1,500 billion that Norway will earn due to rising oil prices as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Green Party Will give everything, especially to Ukraine, while Storwin’s own climate and environment minister Espan Barth Ede (Labor) will spend dazzling profits on green change.

– Many suggestions are good, and suggestions can be nodded one by one. But that amount will affect people’s finances, and the store responds that we should place more emphasis on being accountable.

Easy time: Store and Finance Minister Drigway Slogsvold discussed the government’s priorities at the Hurdles last fall. Now the world looks different.

Postpone promises

At the hartal stage from October, the government made a number of promises and initiatives over the next four years.

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But: Like previous government sites, Støre & co. “Safe” by entering the following words:

“The extent to which we succeed in achieving goals depends on the economic room for maneuver.”

– Are we already there when you see most of what is needed on stage?

– This is a good and ambitious site with goals that extend to 2025. But as we are today, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure secure financial management. Then we have to make some investments. This is inevitable.

– Do you know anything about them?

– I have an idea about it, but we will do it in a good and social way, says the store.

He highlights readiness and security as areas where the government will have to spend more money in the future than expected when he sat on the hartal in October.

– When we have a war in Europe, we need to find space for the necessary investments in our budgets, taking into account the new challenges that result. These include preparedness and security, and the assistance we must provide to the Ukrainian people fleeing the war.

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