foreign, technology | An expert laughs at explaining to Facebook: – He’s proud of Zuckerberg

foreign, technology |  An expert laughs at explaining to Facebook: - He's proud of Zuckerberg

I guess we’ll never know why Facebook’s services are down.

Monday afternoon/evening, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Workplace were down in large parts of the world for about seven hours.

In the short term, that’s bad for Facebook, but then I think it’s worse for FB chief Mark Zuckerberg’s pride. He promised that Facebook would be so good that it would never crash, says Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen. He is a communications consultant and founder of communications agency KommFrem.

Facebook has been pretty littered with information about what lies behind the downtime.

– It’s typical of Facebook. People on Facebook are not the most social. They love to talk about openness, transparency, honesty, and clarity, but they don’t quite live up to that. Nygård-Hansen thinks there are likely to be many senior managers around the world who would approach this differently.

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He believes that one should be able to expect a clearer message about what is happening.

– In 2019, FB was down for about a day. Then they said it was due to a server configuration error, I don’t buy that excuse. Such a large company has a backup of its data in case something goes wrong, says Nygaard Hansen.

He thinks we’ll never know the cause of the downturn, neither in 2021 nor in 2019.

– Everything is certainly speculation, but one would prefer not to admit hacking. Nygaard Hansen believes that if they say they fell for hacking, it would be a 1-0 victory for the hackers.

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according to ReutersFacebook must have a DNS error. DNS does the job of connecting the Facebook URL to the appropriate servers on the Internet.

lose a lot of money

Facebook was down from time to time before too, but not all at once like it is now, says Øyvind Solstad. He’s the social media leader at VY and has a background from VG and Hurtigruten, among others.

He says the company has to lose a lot of money in downtime.

– It’s a global company with around-the-clock activity, and they probably lose a lot of money on this, says Solstad.

When the US stock market closed Monday night, Facebook’s share fell 4.89 percent. This corresponds to about 60 billion NOK.

New York Times Milder’s Facebook staff It does not enter the building due to a DNS error.

– Solstad says it’s a crisis if they have to come to fix something.

– It can take time

Technology expert Magnus Brøyn Nettavisen told that it is impossible to say how long Facebook will be down.

– It remains to be seen how long this will last, but if I am waiting for Facebook to appear again, I will probably go to bed. It may take time, but I’m not surprised if it’s back again tomorrow early, he tells Netavizen.

Brøyn says that he himself experienced outages of various Facebook services for several hours a few years ago, but the incident was different from the one we saw today.

– I was on my way to a big TEK conference in the US a few years ago, and then a number of the same services were down for several hours. It was not a global event, only parts of the world were affected. The technology expert says that today’s case is that this is happening all over the world.

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He does not believe the discontinuation will have any consequences for Facebook and the popularity of its platforms among users.

This usually gets a lot of attention when it happens, and then experience shows that it is tolerated and forgotten relatively quickly. Users tend to understand that this is part of the digital vulnerability, he says.

He points out that such incidents may make consumers realize how much they rely on these platforms in daily life.

There have been events before, something we have all learned to know and live with in terms of digital everyday life and the economy. When we miss the opportunity to interact and connect, many discover how important this really is. Brøyn says you also become familiar with how to use these apps and services.

– Hardly anyone pulled the socket

Brøyn stresses that it’s too early to say why services are down, but the different reasons for something like this could be many.

– There is hardly anyone who has pulled the socket in the server arena, so it remains to be seen if it was due to vandalism, extortion, or whether it was an attempt to frame a major player ideologically or anarchist. It is impossible to say, and at the moment there is only speculation, he said.

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