June 5, 2023


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Found broken glass-filled sausages - VG

Found broken glass-filled sausages – VG

Sausage shock: Chris Rene Jokes (32) and Myko (1) received an unpleasant surprise when they went for a walk on Monday, May 23rd.

Chris Renee Jokes, 32, was shocked when his dog barked and found out the cause. Someone threw six roasted sausages full of broken glass on the sidewalk in Alta where the two were walking.


A barking came from a dog as Jokes was walking down the sidewalk in Arrones, Alta. His Damascus, Miko, one and a half years old, ate a sausage that Jokes thought was broken window glass.

– I put her down and saw her chewing sausage sticking out of the glass. When I tested her mouth, she had to cut both the corner of her mouth and the mouth cavity. I have to take the sausage with me. Then we went and found five more sausages, says Jokes in a phone interview with VG.

This case was mentioned first Alta Post.

– This is a piece of glass pushed into the sausage. At worst, it could mean the death of a dog, Jokes told the newspaper.

Creates the case

Police tweeted about the incident Monday night. The news went to police at 20.19am after Jokes picked up pieces of sausage soaked in glass found in the area.

Police have gone to the scene and are investigating.

– We were notified about it and were on site, but then everything was cleaned up. The person who found the sausage pieces took them and posted the news on the notice board in Alta on Facebook. Operations Manager Lars-Rune Hagen tells Vijay that we were in touch with him.

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– Will a case be opened?

– Yes, we are making a case and investigating. If anyone knows about this and has seen anything, we urge people to contact the police, he encourages.

– Made to intentionally injure

Dog owner Joke himself took immediate action after picking up six sausages that had been placed 3-4 meters apart. He alerted other dog owners on a notice board in Alta on Facebook, called police and alerted a neighbor he knew with the dog.

– There were a lot of responses to the Facebook post, says Jokes.

He has no theory about who might have put the sausages in, but firmly believes it was done on purpose.

– I think some people have done this on purpose to harm animals or children. The walkway is located near the elementary school and kindergarten. I also have small children, who are not always so critical of what they put in their mouths. It could have been so bad, he believes.

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