Four people were injured in the race in the tunnel

Four people were injured in the race in the tunnel

Two cars sped off and hit a third car.

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4 injured in collision at Ekeberg tunnel in Oslo

Police examined the footage captured by the Road Traffic Agency’s camera and found that two cars were involved in a race.

– These are driven by a third car.

– Per-Iver Iverson, Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, tells NTB that the four were in the same car.

He says two cars were racing and one car was trying to squeeze in front of the other as they caught up with the third car.

– This causes a collision between the two racers, and one of them spins and goes into the tunnel wall, says Iverson.

According to the operations manager, the injured were in the crashed car. As far as the operations manager knows, most of the people involved are under 30 years of age.

Operations manager Per Ivar Iverson says the tunnel’s southbound flow is completely closed.

– This should not happen on busy roads. He tells VG that this incident shows that innocent people can also be put in danger.

Do you have an estimate of the speed at which it was run here?

– No, but it was exceeding the permitted speed limit.

The extent of the damage to all four is unknown.

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