January 28, 2023


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France striker Olivier Giroud reveals Christian Eriksen's plan after the victory over Denmark - VG

France striker Olivier Giroud reveals Christian Eriksen’s plan after the victory over Denmark – VG

GREP: Dayot Upamecano and France mostly managed to keep Dane Christian Eriksen in check relatively well.

Doha (VG) The French attacking stars continue to wreak havoc in Qatar, but coach Didier Deschamps (54) has also made tactical considerations to please the Danish playmaker.


This is what Olivier Giroud told VG. The scorer of two goals The meeting with Tunisia He was one of three French stars who stopped to answer some questions in English.

There, the France striker took on his own initiative the plan drawn up by the team before the match.

– We didn’t want to leave space between the team members, especially around Christian Eriksen. This is why we pushed so deeply and compactly, Jerrod tells VG.

The master plan: Olivier Giroud was substituted shortly after France scored 1-0. Didier Deschamps succeeded in his tactical plan, and took the group win by far.

In the Danish press, Eriksen was referred to as “invisible” during the match.

Eriksen, where are you? The Danish star was completely invisible. It doesn’t look like him at all. Toilet Gary, Christian. what’s up? asked the Danish newspaper BT.

France succeeded well with the plan. True, it was Eriksen who slotted in the corner that made it 1-1, but the 30-year-old was never allowed to cause havoc so freely against a tight-knit France side.

– It is the highest quality Danish game maker. That’s why we defended so deeply, to avoid him getting the ball and being able to play his game. We had a plan, not just against him, but we know he has the makings to make a difference, explains Giroud, who surpassed Thierry Henry’s record of 51 goals thanks to his two goals against Tunisia.

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However, Eriksen was not entirely harmless, and on several occasions showed glimpses of class. He was rewarded with six awards in the VG World Cup exchange. No Danish player has scored higher.

– I think we create more chances than in the last game and that’s much better in terms of football. I’m sure if we get the same chances against Australia we will, says Eriksen.

Christian Eriksen also had 83 touches and 56 successful passes.

For Denmark, the premise is relatively simple: beat Australia, and the Danes are likely to come out on top. The exception is if Tunisia beats France by a score, that means both Tunisia and France get a better goal difference than Denmark.

Central defender Raphael Varane confirmed in the press area that Denmark is a good team, very solid and difficult to play against.

On the other hand, France is advancing. For the first time since 2006, the world champion was able to advance to the round of 16.

– I can’t hide my joy. Mission accomplished and we can enjoy it, says goalkeeper Hugo Lloris after finishing the upgrade.