Google confirms poor or no charging when it’s cold outside

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Google confirms poor or no charging when it’s cold outside

Anything below zero is very cold.

In recent months, more and more long discussion threads have appeared on both google forum And the reddit About the bad battery life of Nest battery powered products when it starts to get cold.

Now Google has published one special article About the issue on their pages, where they explain what to expect from both the Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam in minus degrees.

Products must operate at minus 20 degrees, but Google now shows how products are affected between -20 degrees and 0 degrees.

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The Google article states that Nest devices stop charging when it’s cold outside, and that they empty faster.

“At temperatures between -20°C and 0°C, the battery can still power your device, but it will not charge. It can also be emptied faster than usual. At temperatures close to -20°C, the battery can last less than half its life in hot weather. “

Google also adds that its doorbell, the Nest Doorbell, is very weak. Even if you connect it to the mains, it will gradually drain the power:

“At temperatures between -20°C and 0°C, the buzzer may continue to operate, but the battery will be discharged because it cannot be charged. If the battery is completely empty, the buzzer will turn off and you have to bring it in to charge it.”

Thus, the Nest Cam is not limited, and will work as long as it is connected to power.

We tested the Google Nest Doorbell last fall and were really impressed with the many features it can offer, the sleek design and the fact that many of the smart features don’t require a subscription, as competitors demand. But the whole experience was ruined by the poor battery life.

The Nest Doorbell lasted about two weeks before we had to take it up and charge it, after which it wasn’t even a minus degree. We haven’t tested it at lower temperatures, but Google clearly has a job to do, especially since the battery is built-in and non-replaceable.

Google has also confirmed that it’s working on the new Nest Doorbell that can only be used with connected power, so of course these issues won’t apply. But it does require a power supply, something not everyone can easily access at the front door.

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