He promises a stage show next time they come here

He promises a stage show next time they come here

The case is updated.

On Friday, Highsasakite released no fewer than two new singles, “Love It Anyway” and “Anatomy.” It’s a good sign so what can we expect next year.

The Dobbeltslipper shows, firstly, that they will be an active year, second that they are thinking big, and thirdly there will be excitement in the new music they will be introducing on their sixth album “Mother” which will be released on January 28.

The album will be released in January: Highasakite released their sixth studio album, Mother, on January 28. Photo: Marianne Diebdahl

– We thought for a long time about a double album, as the two albums were different, and one of them was inspired by an already dark disco in Berlin. Now it will be just one album, but the extremes will be there. When we were picking out the first song, it was hard to find one song that would give a good indication about the direction of the album, says Ingrid Havek.

Two sides of the same band

-While “Love Him Anyway” is a radio-appropriate pop song with a ’70s feel, especially the last bit of “Anatomy” is something very different, Trond Birsu says of the drone-like psychotic trance state, made up partly of a sample From a woman who talks about anxiety and paranoia. – That’s another frontier on the upcoming album, says Birceau.

It’s seen as a special move to release two singles at the same time, but in the old days it was normal. A vinyl single always has two sides, and at the height of pop it wasn’t uncommon to have a double side, with the Beatles “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” as the epitome of crowning.

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– It makes sense that a vinyl single would have two singles, but we’re still too young to remember and know it, producer and drummer Trond Pearso smiles as we sit down with him and Ingrid Havic at a commercial café in Lade on a windy November morning 2021

A lot has happened in ten years

It was the two who started one of the most recognizable and globally popular Norwegian pop bands of the past decade, and after a turbulent highly publicized process a few years ago, the two are only official members of the band once again.

Still in the wind: Ten years after the creation of Highaakite began, Ingrid Havic and Trond Pearso are in the wind like never before. Photo: Marianne Diebdahl

It’s been nearly ten years since the undersigned first auditioned for Highasakite on stage, during the week of 2011 they played at Knaus in the student community as a trio with Øystein Skar. It was a powerful concert that gave us high expectations for the band – without indicating the level of ambition or the spread of the musical genre that will be revealed later.

Highasakite hasn’t landed yet

– We were something else at that time, yes, Ingrid laughs. – We’ve been interested in development all the way, and we certainly haven’t gotten there yet. She said it wouldn’t be of much importance if each album release or each tour was just a difference from the previous release.

Like everyone else, Highaskite was deeply affected by the fact that the community was closed for a year and a half. But they had plenty of time to do their work.

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Looking forward to playing for drunk people

– At the beginning of the lockdown, we wrote songs for each of us, and then we were together in the studio and recorded them. The two say we had a much better time than usual. There were also some concerts, most recently in Trondheim and Tabrett this summer, then The band led by pregnant Ingrid plays for a severe adaptation to CoronaNS.

Looking forward to playing for drunk people: Ingrid Havic and Trond Pirso have had plenty of time to plan next year’s parties – which will be for whole homes and whole people. Photo: Marianne Diebdahl

“We’re probably all starving for a social life, and I’m incredibly looking forward to playing with drunk people again,” says Ingrid.

– You mean, like, salt and their ilk, eh?

– Yes, that is too, but I also meant drunk people. The audience standing close together, swinging and singing, the people who go out to try great things with others, says Ingrid Havek, who is no longer pregnant since the previous visit to Trondheim but is a nursing mother who will soon have to return to her headquarters in Oslo to perform her primary mission now. So, there is reason to get on top of it, to defy the weather and explore the area around the EC Dahls Center in Lademoen/Lilleby in Trondheim. The large area that once housed two versions of the Trondheim Rocks, including concerts with Iron Maiden and Iggy Pop, will in the summer of 2022 be the scene of a neon pop festival, with Highasakite and Sondre Justad among the artists released so far .

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Rammstein was an inspiration

At the Neon Festival in June 2022, Highasakite will debut its highly ambitious new theatrical show for the first time. We’ve been thinking about this direction for a while and the ambitions were very visible on our tour in 2019, but now we’ve come a lot further. We decided not to think about the cost, to make it as cool and beautiful as we could, visually and acoustically, to use the entire arena as a scenography and to use elements from the theater world

– Which artists did you see as inspiration?

– I don’t know if I dare say it, but we were so inspired when we saw Rammstein at Ullevaal in 2019, as well as The Knife on Sentrum. The latter wouldn’t have been known even if he was on stage during the concert, but we definitely should. We should at least be visible on stage as usual, says Ingrid Havic, but then we get everything else in addition to that.

They have hired scenography, dance, video and lighting capabilities, and are working towards a very active 2022. They will have their first concerts in March, at the big clubs in Copenhagen, London, Berlin and Copenhagen, but there will not be a full-fledged stage production. At outdoor concerts this summer. The only concerts announced so far are festivals in Oslo, Grimstad and Bergen, but first and foremost is the Trondheim and Nyon Festival 11-12 June.

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At the inspection a little over six months ago, the waves rattle, rain and wind blew Ingrid’s canopy. However, no luster. The director of security at the Neon Festival, Berger Henriksen, points out how the festival area is designated for counterfeiting and where the main stage will be. Hopefully it will have rained by June 11, 2022. Highasakite itself is at least not afraid:

– It would be very good here, say Ingrid Havík and Trond Pirso.

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