– I was seen as Norway’s biggest killer

– I was seen as Norway’s biggest killer

An investigation by him and two Telenor colleagues ruled out that Vigo Kristiansson could have been at the scene of the murder in Panehia when the crimes took place in May 2000.

– I am always clear. In our report on police questioning, the District Court and the Court of Appeal and now most recently before the Panehia Panel. We found no evidence that the EG A base station covered the area the police asked us to check. “My conclusion is that it is highly unlikely,” he said.


Again and again he maintained and repeated his story.

– How was it not emphasized in court?

– I have chosen to see this: the court never said they did not believe the statement, but they did not consider it important. But the day after testifying in court it made the front pages of 300 newspapers, where I told about our findings. “I was seen as Norway’s biggest killer,” he recalled.

The Panehia Report: A Tale of Heroes and Villains

After that, he didn’t read much about the case.

– No, I avoided it. Today, he says, I am happy that I have saved my statement so that it is not forgotten.

It is clear that Amundsen never said anything about the matter.

– I learned that the SIM card could not have been where the police thought it was. That’s it. I mean nothing else, he says.

I walked in

Now 20 years later, he has no problem classifying the Panehia case.

– This is the biggest thing I’ve ever been involved in in a work environment. We have helped the police in many cases but this is the biggest one. It has rubbed off on me, he admits.

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Now the coverage director may have been questioned about the last mobile source.

– Maybe. I was recently interviewed by the Panahia panel appointed by the government. There I explained myself again. Maybe it’s the last time.

How can there be two criminals when only one has evidence?

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