Indians arrested for killing Sikh leader in Canada

Indians arrested for killing Sikh leader in Canada

The case is still under investigation, police said in a press conference on Friday. One lead investigators are working on is possible links to the Indian government.

Al-Najjar's killing occurred in a suburb of Vancouver last June. The Sikh leader was known for his support for the establishment of an independent Sikh state in India, and the Indian authorities accused him of terrorism.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last fall that Canadian authorities were investigating whether Indian intelligence was involved in the murder. India rejected these accusations and described them as ridiculous.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that the three who were arrested were hired as professional killers. They are accused of, among other things, being the shooter and driver in connection with the murder.

According to CBC, possible links to three other murders are being investigated, including the murder of an 11-year-old boy in Edmonton, Alberta.

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The three men were also arrested in Edmonton.

The Canadian authorities' suspicions towards India last year led to a crisis in relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, the American newspaper The Washington Post wrote that Indian intelligence planned to assassinate a Sikh activist in the United States as well. Indian authorities also denied this charge.

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