Urgent warning to all Google Chrome users

Urgent warning to all Google Chrome users
It gives Chrome access that was unheard of

Instead of third-party cookies, Chrome will now have direct access to your browsing history to collect information. Third-party cookies are created and placed on a user's device by a website other than the one the user is visiting.

They are created when a user visits a website that contains elements from other websites, such as third-party images or advertisements.

Instead of using third-party cookies to serve online ads, Chrome will now serve something called ad themes.

This is a collection of your general online behavior, which is tracked locally – for example in your browsing history – and which companies can access to show you ads on specific topics.

Additionally, there are features like Protected Audiences, which can show you “remarketing” ads, and Attribution Reports, which collect data about ad clicks.

It will affect everyone

According to experts, the new Chrome standard is now being rolled out, and within a couple of months it will be integrated into the system for all Chrome users around the world.

Chrome's Privacy Sandbox is the latest development to make tech users feel a little nervous.

Snapchat users attempted to delete their accounts after the platform's My AI feature failed. Google searches conducted by NoDepositDaily.com recently revealed that online searches for “delete Snapchat” increased by a staggering 1,019 percent globally in August.

This increase is likely due to Snapchat users feeling insecure after the platform experienced a flaw in its My AI chatbot on August 15.

source: the sun

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