Information for Dagbladet: – She lost

Information for Dagbladet: – She lost

OSLO / HELSINKI (Dagbladet): – I’m happy to have my home county behind me and I’m grateful that many people in our company from all over the country encouraged me to run. Hadiya Tajik told VG last week that she is ready to take over the leadership of the party if the Election Commission and even the National Assembly so desire.

A new power struggle is the last thing anyone in the Labor Party wants, but last week they suddenly had one in their lap anyway.

Dagbladet has spoken to several sources close to the process of putting together a new party leadership in Ap. Their verdict is clear: Hadiya Tajik will not be the new vice president, nor will she get a place in the Central Committee.

According to Talkblade, Tajik simply lacks confidence and is considered divisive.

Hadiya Tajik did not want to comment on the article.

Power struggle

He resigned

A vice president position at Ap has been vacant since Tajik resigned last spring after the commuter housing case. Tajik was inaugurated as the new vice president by his district leader in Rogaland, Frod Fjeldsbo.

In addition to the vacant vice-chairman position, the Labor Party’s election committee, led by LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik, must find new members for the powerful central committee.

Many of the Dogbladet spoke out saying that the most important thing right now is to bring peace around the party and not rekindle old conflicts.

Hadiya Tajik is problematic for two reasons when it comes to the desire to maintain peace within the party:

  • He is one side of the controversy in the party.
  • The Commuter Housing case led to his resignation as a minister and vice president.
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- Illegal

– Illegal

Resistance in the trade union movement

According to Dagbladet, there is still great opposition to Tajik in the trade union movement. In both the Confederation of Swedish Trade Unions and the trade unions, the issue of passenger housing was not forgotten.

This means that Tajik, in Dagbladet’s experience, lacks the necessary support from LO.

Besides the history of conflict between the Tajik and Kiske factions from Meodoo and the commuter housing case, another element that speaks against the Tajik return has come: the way he introduced himself as a deputy candidate.

Promise more money

Promise more money

Rogaland:- Hadiya is the first priority

Rogaland Ap’s board member Jarle Nilsen comments on the case on behalf of the county team. He did not believe that the Election Commission had carried out its work.

– He tells Dogbladet that we are fully confident that Hadiya will evaluate all the names in the districts correctly and correctly and we know that he has wide support across the country.

Nilsson insists that Tajik Rogaland is the app’s “first priority”.

– His years of experience in parliamentary work, negotiations and political decisions make him well-suited for party leadership. He is our first priority both as Vice President and Member of the Central Committee.

- Met a new guy

– Met a new guy

Hit it wrong

Many Dagbladet pointed out that the launch itself is now considered problematic. Here, both timing and strategy are indicated.

That Tajik was initiated leading edge The election committee’s first meeting, with Rogaland’s membership on that committee, has angered many at the center of the process.

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Additionally – Minister of Education Donje Brenna was an obvious candidate. Tajik’s sneak launch opens the way for a new personal conflict on the app.

No one Dagbladet believes the party will survive a new year of heated personal disputes and power struggles. It has been completely ruled out that a majority of the election committee can now stand behind Tajik – leaving him virtually no chance.

The move by the circle around Tajik last week, according to Dagbladet, could kill any chance of her comeback.

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