May 18, 2022


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Intel CPUs lose up to 36 percent of performance

it’s a long ago The tech world has talked about the CPU Specter vulnerability, but it still exists, as new variants are constantly being discovered.

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Specter 2.0: BHI / BHB

The issue was also in 2018 that bug fixes lead to a loss of performance, and so is the new BHI update which is the latest in a series of bug fixes. ARM CPUs are also affected, but not AMD. no a hero.

However, AMD now recommends using IBRS debugging on its CPUs, as the LFENCE/JMP fix for Specter 2.0 doesn’t quite work as expected. The good news for AMD owners is that the performance loss is much less than it is for Intel.

Bug fixes are already available in Linux 5.17, so performance has now been tested in Phoronix.

Intel CPUs Lose Insanely Raw Performance

The website reveals that the 12th-generation Alder Lake-S Core i9-12900K loses up to 26 percent of performance in a Sockperf test where the amount of raw data throughput a CPU can deliver is measured.

The 11th generation Tiger Lake Core i7-1185G7 makes it worse 35.6 percent loss in performance On a system with bug fixes installed.

the stranger Servant Eleventh generation i7-1185G7 2.2 percent on a sealed machine. Check out the numbers in the links below, including those for AMD.

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