Iran unveils underground drone base – VG

Unknown location: The Iranian military has released photos from a secret underground drone base. The images show drones equipped with missiles that can be launched at targets on the ground, according to Iranian state media.

Iran’s state media is now showing images of drones equipped with missiles that the Iranian military has stored hundreds of meters underground.


It’s the news agency reports Reuters Saturday night.

According to state media, 100 military drones are hidden in the heart of the Zagros Mountains in western Iran, but they do not indicate the exact location of the underground base.

The missiles in question should be the so-called air-to-surface missiles.

“There is no doubt that the drones of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the most powerful in the region,” Army Chief of Staff Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said.

Our ability to upgrade drones is unstoppable.

Reportedly, the same brigade was taken to the drone base and a bandage was applied to his eyes and was not allowed to take the bandage off until he was inside.

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Television footage from the secret military base showed drones with missiles stored in a tunnel. The report was published a day after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized two Greek tankers in the Gulf.

The confiscation is seen as retaliation for the United States’ confiscation of Iranian oil from an oil tanker that was being held off the Greek coast, Reuters writes.

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Last month, Greek authorities also detained an Iranian ship with 19 Russian crew members on board. The confiscation came due to EU sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

The Iranian ship was later released, but the incident fueled tensions in the Gulf.

Different types: Images released by the Iranian military show at least two different types of drones equipped with missiles.
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