January 28, 2023


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It is asking 3.3 million Norwegians to stop credit checks

It is asking 3.3 million Norwegians to stop credit checks

Data theft from Norcard is huge. Personal information about more than 60 percent of Norway’s population may be lost.

Illustration for search service Eiendomsinfo from Norcard. It is not specified whether this search service is vulnerable to data breaches.
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Norcard sent one on Tuesday Press release The company has been subjected to data breach. The search service for one of the company’s search services was compromised on May 5.

Unauthorized persons have accessed data from the official property register of Norway. This means data such as names, addresses, birth numbers and information about what you own may be lost. But

Says Leif Arne Brandsæter, CEO of Norcart Postposton The company feels a huge responsibility for what happened.

– We do everything we can to fix this. He says we are very active with the Police and the National Security Agency (NSM). Among other things, it monitors whether theft data appears in online criminal markets.

– There is no indication that the stolen data has been misused so far, Brandsetter says.

Ask people to stop credit checks

Norway has a large population that can be affected by data breaches.

Who is it for? Anyone who owns or owns land or property or has done so. We’re talking about 3.3 million people – more than 60 percent of the population.

Brandsæter recommends all of these to prevent credit testing.

This means that companies that check to see if you have enough funds to lend are not automatically allowed to do so. For example, if you buy an item and then agree to pay, the loan is assessed.

With such a ban, it would be very difficult for fraudsters to create a mobile subscription or buy a car in your name.

– It’s important for everyone to be extra careful in the future, says Brandsetter.

If you receive a copy of the letter stating that you conducted a credit check without knowing why, you should contact the credit check company and ask what it is.

– Data analyst has recommended blocking credit checks as a measure against ID theft for years, Brandsetter says.

What about practice?

If you want to block a credit check, this is currently a manual process. You should visit the websites of the four companies that run credit ratings (see box on fact). You must log in with your bank ID and block the service.

Once this is done, if you really want to create a new mobile subscription, or buy something online and receive the invoice after one month, you should seriously re-enter and unblock. Since online stores rarely specify which company to use for credit rating, you will need to block all four. Run it again when the trade is over.

If you are self-employed, you should avoid the credit crunch of sixteen companies (see List at the Danish Data Protection Agency)