– It’s like having a nightmare around the clock

- It's like having a nightmare around the clock

– It was absolutely amazing, says Line Andersen, 48, about participating in 71°N – Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity.

In the program, ten Norwegian celebrities compete to see who is the toughest in the country, and are challenged, among other things, in height, water and stamina. The competent journalist does not hide that participation was difficult.

Everything is easy: Vegard Ylvisåker believes that everything is easy when you are a father of three. Photo: Matti Bernitz

– It was hard working as a team. But I am a family man, father of three children. So nothing really hard, everything gets easy when you’re through three kids, says fellow co-comedian Vegard Ylvisåker, 43.

Christian (Brinehofd, editor’s note) was with us on the trip, so we know all about the kids, Andersen adds.

– Challenge to have someone on your heels all the time

Both participants agree that sharing is a lot more difficult than you think, but it was a lot of fun overall. When asked what they dread watching on TV, they both answered somewhat hesitantly.

– Well…everything. I was so relaxed, but the other day I suddenly found out we had all the fun. After all, we had fun when we were on a trip for a month, and now it’s just too high. Ylvisåker answers: I don’t know what they found in the cliff.

I also dread the inner stuff that we thought was really fun here and there, but might sound like “fourteen-year-olds in confirmation camp” to the rest of you.

Yes, it’s also a challenge to have someone on your feet all the time, which you wouldn’t otherwise face. Andersen admits it’s like having a nightmare around the clock.

Episode “Shut Up”

As in all other reality shows, there is also drama in this season of the popular travel show, but it won’t reveal exactly what’s going on.

– There was drama and struggles, yes. I would say that. There are frictions, of course, that we are rubbed to the bone on the existential side from time to time. So he grew up a bit like that… yeah… personal interactions, laughs Ylvisåker.

Are you thinking of “Shut up”? Andersen asks.

– For example, I got an answer from Ylvisåker.

The duo won’t reveal anything else about the so-called “Silence” episode, but they confirm that it was a real-life incident likely to be shown on TV during the fall.

Describes the team as a family

Moreover, they say that their team was quite cohesive, almost like a family.

– We were a “kick-ass” team. The team, Andersen says, is that when you see it, I think you’ll think “Oh my God.”

– This is how family can be! A mother, father and three children, Ylvisåker adds.

– So it is. And then we just have to look at the fact that Fritz Anas is one of the kids. We have progressed very well, very well. Then you find the relationships inside that, he (Vegard Ylvisåker, editor’s note) and Kristian Breinhoved are a fun relationship. Andersen laughs, among other things, they wore the same clothes tonight.

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