Jens Stoltenberg: – – Won’t go back

Jens Stoltenberg: – – Won’t go back

In a recent interview Today’s business NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says he will not enter high-level politics in Norway after his term at NATO ends next year.

– Stoltenberg tells the newspaper that I will not return to high-level politics in Norway.

Stoltenberg says he is happy to serve two more years as NATO’s secretary general.

– I’m glad I agreed to stay here for two more years, especially because of the invasion of Russia. Leaving my job at Norges Bank was the right choice. But I’m going home next fall, he tells DN.

Stoltenberg denies he has plans to save the party at a time when Labor is struggling in the polls.

Stoltenberg says, when Dagens Naringsliv asks if he categorically rejects wanting to go home to save the party.

– Yes, that’s not my job. That’s not possible, that’s how Ap was made, neither am I.

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