June 2, 2023


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Children's book "Herman" bestseller in Norway - V.G

Children’s book “Herman” bestseller in Norway – V.G

Thanks to everyone: the children’s book about Herman by Erlend Low and Herman Flesvik is now the best-selling book in Norway.

Herman Flesvig’s children’s book about parenting and ADHD is the best-selling book of all in Norway, regardless of genre.

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book “Herman: Stories from an Undiscovered Fostering” Co-written with Erlend Lowe – and topped the children’s book charts for two weeks in a row.

Now the Booksellers Association confirms that it is at the top of the list of all books sold in Norway – regardless of genre.

Herman Flesvik currently outsells other best-selling authors such as Jo Nesbo, Jorn Lear Horst, Roy Jacobson and Nina Likke.

Check out VG’s review of “Herman” here: May be comforting

Publisher Bonnier says the first edition of 17,000 books sold out in a week.

Opening: Herman Fleswig (30) takes us inside his head in his new picture book for children, “Herman”.

– The demand in bookstores is enormous, so now we have printed 20,0000 new books, which are on their way to the shops, says Alexander Evan Henriksen, managing director at Bonnier.

Herman: – Thank you

Hermann Fleswig considers it a great honor that the book is selling so well.

– It is an incredible joy that the book reaches the people I had in mind when we wrote it. The feedback is that adults read with children and schools buy it as a gift for all staff.

– I am very grateful for that. This has been a heart project from the beginning, Fleswick tells VG.

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He also confirmed that he is the star of “The First Service” around the same time the children’s book comes out in late October. He became a father.

Seasoned writer Erlend Lowe is also happy about the 1st place.

– I’ve written books for almost 30 years and know that it’s not often you get to be at the top of the bestseller list. So I enjoy it, says Lo.

A two-year job: For the past two years, Hermann Fleswig has been meeting writer Erlend Low regularly and filling himself with stories from his growing up days.

He is especially happy that this topic is reaching a wider audience.

– For me, writing a book with Hermann was a great process, and I’m glad that his honesty and openness about something that is difficult for many people is something that people like, says Erlend Low.

Low also published another best-selling book this fall: In October, he and Lisa Isado sold a retelling of Charles Dickens. “A Christmas Story” According to the Booksellers Association, most books.

Psst! A book that topped the official bestseller list General literature This week it’s “The Whole Story” by Therese Johag, while “Botus: 21 års Krons” by Frod Øverli is at the top. List of fiction. But according to the Booksellers Association, a children’s book about Herman outsells these, not coming out because children’s books are separated into a separate catalog. When you combine all the lists, “Herman” is at the top of the list.