Jorun Stiansen is out of ‘Star Wars’ – Read VG reviews song after song – VG

Jorun Stiansen is out of 'Star Wars' - Read VG reviews song after song - VG

Tonight’s Star Wars participants had to focus on the demanding and vastly different types of yuk and duo. Joron Stiansen pulled out the shortest straw and had to go home: – I feel I have won, she says anyway.


Out of the four remaining Star Wars participants, Gorron Stiansen and Karina Dahl received the fewest votes. Karina Dahl gets another chance to assert herself on the next show while Goron Stansen has to thank himself.

And thank you, she did it with all her heart after the result of the vote became known.

– I am very proud, happy and grateful. I feel like I won. For me, it wasn’t a matter of standing up as a disciplined man, but of reclaiming the joy of singing and of music,” said Stiansen touched.

In the first session of the singing competition, where yoik was on the programme, it was Alexandra who got the most approval from the jury for her interpretation of In Ge Mun Diede by Bárut and Inga Juuso.

“It conveys the text so intensely and it controls that Keanu’s friend Fred Bolgo is probably proud and touched. If it is true that Alexandra Rutan had never tried a yoik before this week, she is a more naturally musical character than I thought possible. Impressive”, The VG reviewer writes and casts only Sixth Night on Dice.

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“Intensive”: Emil Carlson and Agnet Saba were convinced by the jury with Alexandra Rutan’s performance on Yoik.

On previous shows, they have been on Latin pop, Norwegian folk songs, opera and hip-hop.

The last time a yoik was in the literary genre was in Star Wars in 2018, when artist Sami Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen won from the competition. Joik also participated for the first time the previous year.

In the second part of the program, the participants performed a duet with former Star Wars participants, which they chose themselves.

The Return: Adam Douglas, Kim Restad, Adrian Jorgensen and Olly Borod return in “Star Wars” to complete the duo with their partners.

Bjorn Toomrin inhaled the dust from Thomas A. Dorsey in a duet with Olly Borod.

– You have an incredibly sophisticated style. It was soft, supple and performed with good energy, guest judge Emil Carlsen said after the song number.

Alexandra Rutan collaborated with Adam Douglas on the duet section and joined Celine Dion’s “It’s All Back to Me Now”.

But according to the jury, which, in addition to permanent judge Mina B.

The duo performed a Norwegian remake of Need You Now by Lady A under the title Træng dæ no.

Their voices merge. The timing is perfect, and it’s incredibly cool to sing it in Trondelag. I’d like to put it in the playlist, Saba said after the song number.

Here you can read the reviews song by song. You can also make a judgment by entering a roll of dice:

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