Kaiser Orchestra soars into charts with ‘Hjerteknuser’ after boosting TikTok – VG

Kaiser Orchestra soars into charts with 'Hjerteknuser' after boosting TikTok - VG
Early on: The Kaizers now compete with Ballinciaga for the charts, and like the latter use masks as a central part of their image. Here with Helge Ressa in the back.

Another old song that hits a new hit across the video platform.


Almost 12 years after it was first released, “Hjerteknuser” is at full speed towards the top of Spotify’s daily updates List of assassinations for Norway.

There, at the time of writing, she was in fourth place, after a massive climb over the course of the week.

The song wasn’t on the above list before it crept into the bottom tier of the 200 most popular song at the beginning of July.

Last week “Hjerteknuser” increased by 10,000-15,000 plays on Spotify per day, and on Thursday it was just 129 plays behind the biggest Norwegian hit of the year, Ballinciaga and David Mokels cut the most recent “Dans på bordet”.

According to Simen Eidsvåg, Janove Ottesen’s PR contact, there is activity around the song on TikTok that has spread to Spotify and given “Hjerteknuser” a boost.

On TikTok, users put the song under everything from daily vlogs to videos where they brag about family members they’ve missed.

Many people also use the song to display the rings they have received, and many use it to show the heirloom wedding rings they are wearing.

In recent days, a small argument has also emerged. Many users debate whether the original script is better than the faster tempo cover versions.

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– It’s great that young people of all ages are now discovering our music across new platforms, more than a decade after we released “Hjerteknuser”. Amazing! , writes Ottesen in a letter to VG.

HIGH: Janove Ottesen fronts at the Kaizer Orchestra in Molde in the summer of 2011, while “Hjerteknuser” was new to the music group.

He promises to contribute his own version of “Hjerteknuser” to TikTok immediately, once he finishes releasing his new solo album, “Fullmånehymner”.

Sammy’s version also launches

Several versions of the song appear on TikTok – as happened before the Kaizers version was released in 2010.

In cooperation with NRK P3, a competition was launched at the time to create the best version of “Hjerteknuser”, before the original Kaizer version was published. Participants had to deal with texts and notes sheets.

109 entries were received. One of these was by Sami Rolfa’s group, which included Aya Sami and Goek in their version.

It’s also taken off again now, and at the time of writing it’s 11th on Spotify’s list – with nearly 72,000 plays per day, roughly where the Kaizers release. 85,000.

-It’s so much fun that Rolffa’s version is getting her own life on the charts, says Janove Ottesen.

Bryne/Jæren’s song was also popular upon its release. I reached ninth place and stayed there for ten weeks VG . menuOfficial Norway targeting list.

Now “Hjerteknuser” is back on VG’s list, which is based on numbers from the previous week. Currently at number 27, with a rise expected next week.

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Solo Even After: Janov Oatessen.

The Kaiser Orchestra put itself on ice in the fall of 2013. Janov Oatessen answers questions like these about whether we’re now seeing the start of the band’s comeback:

– It brings back good memories.

Kaisers guitarist Terry Winterstow-Rothing has announced that he will be canceling his band’s Skambankt project after their upcoming tour.

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