Ken broke the dead jump world record when he jumped from a height of 40.5 meters in Stryn

Ken broke the dead jump world record when he jumped from a height of 40.5 meters in Stryn

Ken Stornes jumped 40.5 meters into the sea.

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In October the French jumped com Gerardo and Lucien Charlon From 36.5 with his stomach first in the water.

With this, they achieved a new world record for singing death.

On Sunday, Ken Stornes, from Harstad, broke that record when he jumped from a height of 40.5 meters on the Stryn in Nordfjord.

100 km/h

By the time it reached the surface of the water, surrounded by mountains and floating ice, its speed had reached more than 100 km/h.

– How do you get out of something like this while you are alive and with your limbs intact?

– The most important thing is definitely technique. At least from these heights. If you miss it, you won’t get away with it.

He himself previously held the record. In 2021, he jumped from a 31-metre cliff in Harpfoss in Gudbrandsdalen.

“Once again, we’re making the record go back to Norway where it belongs,” he wrote on Instagram after the jump.

Ken Storness/Nordfjord active

– Start easy

Stornes took to social media I got attention To, among others, the richest man in the world, Elon Musk. According to Storness himself, it is young people who are making the most contact.

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– What do you tell them?

– If they want to keep doing it, I tell them they should start easy. Learn the basics, and work your way up. He says you can’t simply intervene, because things are likely to go wrong.

-Is it only positive feedback?

“I haven’t seen much interest, but other people who do great things themselves tend to think she’s too fat,” he says.

– Negative feedback comes from people who don’t do much. If you do something different, there will always be critics.

– Start with five metres

Paul Rigault is the president of the Death League, which organizes competitions in Europe and the USA. It is advised not to die from heights exceeding ten metres.

– It’s very great that the world record is now back in the hands of the Norwegians. At the same time, it must be cool and safe, and we encourage all who swim at the edge of the pool to within ten metres. “We do not support jumps from heights of more than ten metres,” says Rigoult.

– It’s complete nonsense. In any case, never try to do this yourself.

It reminds us that Stornes is a professional performer. Planning to jump from such a great height takes a long time. In addition to the presence of divers and doctors.

“It’s not like you’re jumping from a height,” Rigoult says.

He points out that it is still in people’s nature to want to break records.

– Immediately after Kane’s jump, one of the previous world record holders, Frenchman Comme Girardot, was outside and said: “Well, you just have to put your belt on,” says Rigault.

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Paul Rigault is the leader of the League of Death.  It is recommended not to shoot from a distance of more than 10 metres.

Storness himself says the danger increases with every metre, and asks people to be careful. He says that he dived for two people who jumped from a height of only eight meters and sank to the bottom.

– Remember, this was a process. I didn’t start at 40.5 metres. Start with five metres. Just ten meters can hurt you badly.

International attention

According to Rigault, this was sport Invented in the 70s In Frognerbadet. Raga Rockers guitarist Bruno Hövid was about to take a military dive, but retired in mid-air. It ended up being a great start and a new sport was born.

– But then I stopped. Until 2008, when we organized a largely unofficial world championship. Eventually it exploded, Rigoult says.

The latest jump to Stornes has been talked about around the world.

– International media agencies were in a state of complete ecstasy. It appeared in Japan, Brazil, France, Germany and Australia. Rigoult says the video has been viewed more than 130 million times on Instagram.

He believes the fact that the sport requires nothing more than swim trunks and a diving board contributes to its popularity.

-It is also very spread friendly. But it has to be on video. If you didn’t film it, it didn’t happen. You can’t escape the fishing story.


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