Levi Miller (19) for the new Marvel movie – VG

Levi Miller (19) for the new Marvel movie – VG
Stars: Levi Miller with Hugh Jackman at the “Pan” premiere in Mexico City in October 2015.

“Pan” star Levi Miller has landed a role in the upcoming Marvel movie “Kraven the Hunter”.


Limit She mentioned that the 19-year-old Australian is the newest member of the team in the superhero movie.

We already know that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play Sergey Kravinov, and Oscar-winning Ariana Debus (from West Side Story) will play Calypso. Russell Crowe and Christopher Abbott also have roles in the film.

There are a few recent photos of Miller, but he looks different today, something you can see on his Instagram profile:

It is not yet known what role Miller will play. He had a small role in the 2011 TV series Terra Nova, before appearing in the title role in the 2015 movie Ban, opposite among others Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund and Rooney Mara.

Then: Miller at the “Pan” premiere in 2015, when he was 12 years old.

He played Calvin in the 2018 Disney movie “A Leap in Time,” before appearing in the sports drama “Streamline” last year.

RED RUNNER: Miller at the London premiere of “Pan” in September 2015.

According to Deadline, Kraven is one of Marvel’s most recognizable heroes. He has shared stories with Venom and Black Panther, one of Spider-Man’s enemies.

The film is expected to premiere in January 2023.

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