Lil Tay is not dead: – I’m safe

Lil Tay is not dead: – I’m safe
LIVE: Lil Tay addresses rumors of her death on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the young rapper’s Instagram account announced the death of her and her brother. Now the girl who is referred to as “the world’s smallest elastic member” denies the rumors.


On Wednesday, the famous influencer’s Instagram page posted a post stating that she and her brother had passed away. But Lil Tay spoke on Thursday TMZ He denied the rumors.

“I want to make it clear that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I am absolutely devastated and struggling to find the right words to say,” she told the newspaper.

The post that claimed Lil Tay was dead has now been deleted. She stated that her “sudden and tragic death” is an “unbearable loss,” according to the reports TMZ.

– The death of her brother adds an unimaginable depth to our grief, as stated in the publication, according to the American newspaper.

Lil Tay describes the experience as traumatic.

– I was bombarded endlessly with heartbreaking and tearful phone calls from loved ones as I tried to fix this mess.

According to a small internet phenomenon, its user was hacked by a third party. Now she thanks meta meta The company that owns Instagram and help her gain control of her account.


The 14-year-old went viral on the internet when in 2018 she made a series of posts in which she showed off expensive cars and large piles of cash. She has not been active on her Instagram account since the summer of that year.

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according to Fox Lil Tae’s brother is said to have masterminded his sister’s online appearance. They write that he was the only person who had access to her Instagram profile, and that he had previously tried to become famous. A video circulated on Twitter/X in May 2018 shows the brother instructing his sister in what to say in front of a green screen.

After Lil Tay “taken over” the internet in 2018, she and her mother proposed Good morning America.

– The mother said to the popular program that she would be a star.

The mother also claimed that all the ideas came from her daughter herself.

– The mother said at the time that she is very mature.


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