Lynn Nystrom had a panic attack on stage

Lynn Nystrom had a panic attack on stage

Holding the Cauldron: Len Nystrom and Rene Dave on stage in Detroit last year, nearly 30 years after their big breakout. Soren Rasted in the background. Photo: Brandon Nagy/Shutterstock/Shutterstock

Thanks to the fans' support after the concert in Perth, Australia, which was interrupted for 50 minutes.

The Danish band, along with Norwegian Lene Nystrom (50), kicked off their Australian tour in Perth this week. The band will play in Adelaide on Saturday before heading to Albany Creek and the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

Radio producer Shelby Brady was at the event. she says on the podcast “Pete and Kimba” About what happened.

She says they went on stage at 9 p.m., and that something happened after the first song, 2000's “Cartoon Heroes.”

The singer took out the headphones and put them in. They didn't sound like anything major. Then you leave the stage and one of the others tries to give the microphone to the fans to sing. But it's not there. The producer says it's strange, and no one understands what's going on.

Pajamas and tears

She then said the band reported sound problems, came out and said they would be back in eight minutes.

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– It wasn't eight minutes. It was an hour, Brady says.

Nystrom then returned in a different outfit — pajama pants and a T-shirt — than the outfit she left the theater in, which several people posted photos of on social media.

Furthermore, Brady says Nystrom cried while on stage. However, the pop star continued to perform for fans.

Aqua's manager Anders Nørgaard told VG that Lene Nystrøm had a panic attack and the band was off stage for approximately. 50 minutes.

In the world of Barbie: Aqua during an appearance promoting their world tour. Photo: Promo/Live Nation

She had a panic attack on stage.

– how is she now?

– Things are going well.

Many wish Nystrom a speedy recovery after the concert at Aquas Instagram.

Image: Fax from Instagram

-You were great yesterday. I love that you guys were so real. We are all human and we are here to help each other, writes one.

Another correspondent:

– I hope you're doing well today, Lynn. You are a wonderful person.

Image: Fax from Instagram

In the comments section, many people offered their support and said it was a shame this happened.

– They are human beings, and this happens sometimes to each of us. So yes, it's very nice for fans to share their love and support. It's very good, says the manager.

– Will the tour continue as planned?

– Yes, there will be no cancellations, concludes Norgaard.

Aqua has enjoyed a strong comeback after their 1997 mega hit “Barbie Girl” was used extensively in the Nicki Minaj/Ice Spice hit “Barbie World” in 2023 – with the soundtrack to the hit song “Barbie”.

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Aqua and the rapper were nominated twice for a Grammy for the song — and were announced for a few minutes as winning one, before the Grammys changed that.

The person in charge of the awards ceremony later told VG that the wrong tweet had been posted.

“Barbie Girl” crosses half a billion dollars on Spotify in just a few days. “Barbie World” has been viewed 440 million times on the streaming service.

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