Victoria Nadine on comments from disappointed kygo fans: – I don’t care

Victoria Nadine on comments from disappointed kygo fans: – I don’t care
In the Wind: Victoria Nadine is doing well as a pop artist, and is in a relationship with Kygo which gives a dose of extra interest.

The Skien artist is getting a new kind of attention as the girlfriend of Norway’s biggest international pop star. – Much more comfortable if it wasn’t so sick in public, like you say about the relationship.


Victoria Karlskus Andersen, 23, better known by her stage name Victoria Nadine, has made a name for herself in recent years as a pop singer — with “the will to open her heart and put it on the table,” as her record company puts it.

In recent months said heart has received much attention, for the simple reason that Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (31) – Kygo – has kidnapped it, giving itself in return.

And it’s not just about falling in love with perhaps Norway’s biggest pop star since Morten Harket.

– me and him

When Kygo posted a kiss and photo congratulating Victoria on her birthday in December, to five million InstagramFollowers, it’s clearly the fans who fell into bed.

The post received thousands of comments, and among the heartfelt congratulations there were also many who expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the star DJ is now busy.

– I don’t care, – says Victoria to VG.

– Our relationship is between him and me anyway, so it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Many opinions: Kygo followers had a lot on their mind when he posted this.

In 2016, Victoria ranked ninth in the movie “Idol”. After some trial and error, she released the single “Be Okay” in 2020, which climbed to the top of Spotify’s daily songs chart and number three on VG’s weekly chart.

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On the heels of this came nominations for the Spellemann Award and P3 Gold.

And now that she’s also a “friend,” it’s nice that she’s already established herself as an artist on her own, she said.

Anyway, there will be people who think I’m in my place because of someone else, in some way. But it’s very important for me to know that I’ve done it before that.

Desire to be a pop star

Now she just released a new single, “See It Coming”. And like “Be Okay” and “Nerve” from last fall, it’s about the more challenging aspects of love.

– I feel that music is the only natural way to show sadness, for me, at least outwardly, says Victoria.

– I’m not very happy about Anan. Then I’d rather wrap it up nicely with a song, and then it goes out like this.

However, the way she composes songs has changed a bit recently, she said.

– More about the positive side of love. Not just sad.

Preparation: Viktoria Nadine in the Kulturkirken Jakob, where she will give a concert on March 2nd. – It’s a totally unique arena to play in, you say.

Victoria has a contract with a small Norwegian company called Easy. They’re working with the biggest record label, Universal, to also get it out into the world. Danish Broadcasting Corporation put its love to Nerve.

– There have been some signings in other countries, and when I talk to companies abroad, I feel like I want to be a pop star, if I can say so. Then I get this push, to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve always wanted to write hit songs, and now I really feel like doing it He should do it.

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Beautifully dressed: Kygo and Victoria Nadine at a party in Saint Barthelemy.

She and Kigo spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in luxurious surroundings on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy.

From there, manager Myles Shear posted pictures of himself and Kygo along with music industry names in the League of Legends — like former record label executive David Geffen, and artist Jimmy Buffet, who Kygo and Shear were inspired by when building their own festivals around it. the world.

According to Victoria, she does not use such opportunities to make connections herself.

– No, not really. I often drag a little bit, and I don’t need to scream that I’m an artist or something. I think I can “communicate” in other ways. When it fits best, really.

For her, the most important thing is to take care of her TikTok and Instagram accounts carefully.

– I’m just online and posting whatever I want everywhere, and I don’t “network” much more.

– scary

What do you think of the attention her relationship with Kygo has received?

– Of course, it would have been more fun if it hadn’t been so sick in public, but things are going well.

At the beginning of November, Victoria spoke for the first time about the relationship, after a period of strong hints on social media.

“Kerry taught me what true love is,” she told the site. 730. She advocates and points out transparency See and hear They mentioned the relationship before they chose to go out with her themselves.

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– before I release a song. And when you’re in interviews, questions come up, and then I’d rather say I’m fine and that it’s true love, but that’s it.

On the Road: Victoria Nadine is currently working with a number of internationally qualified songwriters.

Are you comfortable giving too much of yourself?

– Yes, at least when it comes to my personal feelings. It’s always scary, so it doesn’t feel like it’s super comforting, but there’s also something inside of me that always says it’s wrong not to share thoughts and things like that. We’re not as special as we think we are all, it’s just feelings that everyone really feels.

“Be alright” she’s given notes from fans who have inspired her, she says.

– I received a response that “I feel the same.” Then I get a “push” to keep opening up and singing about it, because I feel like I can help others a little bit – but they also help me not to feel so lonely.

The new single “Saw It Coming” is also the result of an ardent fan following, according to Victoria, who posted a demo version of the song last year.

– A lot of times when people post like this, it’s just part of their PR plan. People were like, “Uh, I’m looking forward to that.” They thought he would arrive the following week.

She smiles happily.

– I didn’t think he’d get so much attention, but when I get messages after, say, ten months, I have to let it go.

KYGO has to wait: Victoria Nadine isn’t ready to release music with her boyfriend anytime soon.

However, those looking forward to hearing Victoria’s voice in Kygo’s song will have to be patient.

– It could happen quickly, but I’m still very anxious to preserve what I have now, and build it for myself. She explains: I want to own my own business a little bit more first.

– It may be in five years or in two, you never know. But at the moment I feel like I want to do things myself.

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