Lynn Scooper, Celebrity | Wenche Foss Honorary Award for Linn Skåber and Skeiv Ungdom

Lynn Scooper, Celebrity |  Wenche Foss Honorary Award for Linn Skåber and Skeiv Ungdom

GRAND HOTEL, OSLO (Nettavisen): The Wenche Foss Honorary Award was presented on Wednesday afternoon. The honorary award is given each year to a person, organization or institution who can be closely associated with Wenche’s zest for life, communication skills, and commitment – both within and outside the artistic field.

Previous years have their price He went for the big names Such as Robert Stoltenberg (57), Anne Dal Torp (47) and Hermann Fleswig (30). This year actor Lynn Scooper, 52, took home the award, as did Skeiv Ungdom.

The famous comedian and actress has been a familiar face to the Norwegian people for several years after she launched her career in 1993 and then made her debut in Oslo Nye Teeter in 1997.

“This year’s winner of the Wenche Foss Honorary Prize is very rarely multi-talented. To show the laureate’s breadth of work, the jury will highlight in particular the excellent young adult book ‘Til ungdommen’, illustrated by Lisa Aisato”In a press release, the jury explains why Linn Skåber won the award this year.

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Nettavisen was present at the Grand Hotel’s Rococo Ballroom in Oslo, where the award was presented on Wednesday afternoon.

– What makes me happy. What an honor,” Lynn Scooper said from the stage as she received the award.

You will spend money on this

Skåber told Nettavisen that she was really looking forward to this day, and that it was very special that she received the honorary award along with Skeiv Ungdom.

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– It’s great. I was really looking forward to this day. Especially when I’m partying with Keiv Ungdom, who’s doing a great job using just this phone so that young people can call and chat with people who look and feel like themselves, says Skåber and continues:

– It’s in the spirit of Winch, because it connected life and us humans more closely. So I hope we will continue to do that.

The prize has prize money of NOK 100,000 and Skåber reveals that she has a very special plan for what she will use it for.

– Now that would be an unflattering answer from me, but I know what I want to use it for. I would like, for the first time in my life, to live in another city for a month, where I won’t know many people, Skåber reveals.

– I have one friend in Berlin, so I’ll go there and get new packaging and new ideas in my head. This is the first time I’ve said it, but I’m leaving in January.

– I would be so proud

The prize money for the second recipient, Skeiv Ungdom, is intended for Ungdomstelefonen and the volunteers who work there. The LGBTQ Youth Helpline offers all young adults someone to talk to or chat with about sexuality, sexuality, and identity.

“Wenche Foss himself was incredibly proud of the important work you do. Today we color the honorary award with rainbow colors and pay tribute to LGBTQ youth” writes the jury.

Jane Victorius Bonsachsen at Skeiv Ungdom told Nettavisen that it was great to receive an honorary award.

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– It means an incredible amount to be recognized for the work we do on Youth Phone. After all, it’s run by about 30 volunteers who work to be there for other gay youth, as well as people who aren’t.

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The jury consisted of leader Ellen Horne, Voss’s son Fabian Stang and Se og Hør Ulf editor André Andersen. The prize is NOK 100,000, and since the beginning in 2009, it has been divided between two recipients each time.

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