Malene Trosten Cottew wins another gold in the Amsoil Series in the Scooter Cross in the USA – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Malene Trosten Cottew wins another gold in the Amsoil Series in the Scooter Cross in the USA - NRK Troms and Finnmark

NRK updated the case after Trosten Cottew took gold in the first round of Amsoil.

In Minnesota, USA, Vadsø resident Malene Trosten Cottew gears up for a new season on the snowmobile seat. This weekend is the season opener for the Amsoil series, considered the world’s most important snow cross.

– Koto says I am looking forward to it and I will win.

Last year, Kotio topped the post-season podium, as the first Norwegian woman to win the Amsoil Series overall.

Despite this, it was not known for a long time whether it would start this year.

But it turned out to pay off when she won the first round of the Amsoil Series tonight.

Watch the highlights from the first round here:

Long history of injury – almost from his tongue

Cotto, who started competing when he was 18 years old, has had countless injuries over the years.

Among other things, she broke her back and her ribs in 2013. In 2020, she was hit from the back during a race, and she nearly slashed her tongue.

All injuries eventually led to her decision to resign.

– I was really tired of the injuries, but I cut my jaw, and then decided to continue. This really doesn’t make sense, one vadsø resident laughs, but she also explains that the injury made her make a decision: she felt she had more to offer.

A lot has happened since the last time Malene Trosten Cottew took the podium last year. Among other things, she married and received a new surname.

Photo: private

Marius Damir, Head of Top Sports at the Norwegian Motorsports Federation, is delighted to see Cotto on the track again.

He has high expectations from her and her Norwegian colleague Elias Eschoel. Who won in the men’s category last year.

One thing is to get up and get occupied in the first place, and the other thing is to take a new place. Perhaps the biggest battle is the one against oneself, when one enters such a season, says Damer.

Video of snowmobiles in practice during the Amsoil Series in the USA.

Dad on the side

Night through Saturday, Norwegian time, is the kick-off to this year’s season in Canterbury Park, Minnesota.

But it’s not just the season opener that Malene Trosten Cottew is looking forward to. For her, it would be great to have her parents in the audience. The pandemic meant she hadn’t seen them in one year.

Screenshot from Malene's Instagram account, taken 06.01.2022 at 21:33

Screenshot from Malene’s Instagram account, taken 06.01.2022 at 21:33

Photo: screenshot

– All the girls have their father with them, but I didn’t get it, says Koto.

On Wednesday, Father Terry Andersen was in his place. To him, being able to be physically present to encourage his daughter means a lot.

– I sat up at night and watched it on TV, and we talked before and after the races. But he says it won’t be the same as standing in the starting line with her, and coming up with the latest tips and hints.

Hopefully last season

But dad Andersen admits he and his family have little hope that this will be Malin’s final season.

She has injuries that will trouble her for the rest of her life. Obviously, when you’re young and strong, it goes well, but as you get older, it becomes harder to resist diseases, Andersen says.

However, Malene Trosten Cottew wouldn’t promise herself that she would put her snowshoes on the shelf.

– It’s uncertain! It’s hard to say, when I have a guy who runs pro and has a team and everything, it’s hard to say. Koto says, you never know.

First, she still has a gold medal to defend.

Here, Malene Trosten Cottew will drive the first cross-scooter race of the year in the Amsoil Series.

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