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Jordras på Støren i Midtre Gauldal

– We were more than a quarter of the five neighbors who observed the landslide. Suddenly torn from the bed was shocking.

Tom Roger Stamley, one of the evictees, said.

Naudetatane Spjelddalen landslide rumor on Støren in Midtre Gauldal last night.

– We had to run. Stamley says it’s all about waking up the kids and traveling with some clothes on.

The landslide could be 50 to 20 meters, police said.

– This is a small landslide. It stopped very fast. 05.30pm, said Lars Bergett, operations manager for the Trondhelac police district.

Storen: Water levels in the Spiegeldalen in Storen led to a landslide.

Photo: Tom Roger Stamley

14 houses were vacated

There was an emergency with large resources on Thursday morning. The fire department is working to place a drone in the area.

– It’s a bit of a challenging terrain there, so it’s a bit difficult to get the overall outlook without the drone, said Frank Hansen, duty manager at the Trondelock Fire and Rescue Service at 07.

More than 30 residents of a total of 14 households were expelled from the vacant high school. Municipal employees have seen the crisis.

Said Anlaug Oseid, chief operating officer of the Trøndelag police district. 08.15 The evictees may have been allowed to return home sooner.

– Someone is trembling a little

A geologist has come to the city to assess the area. There should be no risk of new landslides.

Gauldal, head of the fire and rescue mission, Morten Bjørgvik, said the situation in 09 was now stable.

A house has been vacated. The rest have to go home.

– This is a pretty serious message that came to us. But we saw that it was not as serious as it was originally announced, says Bjorgwick.

Erland Crocstad lives 25 meters from the landslide town and is not yet allowed to go home.

The 11 year old boy came and weighed us at five. He said he heard a noise outside the house and it sounded like a waterfall.

Portrait of Erland Crocstad in the background of the house

Dismissed: Erland Crocstad lives 25 meters from the landslide town in Storn.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Crocstad stood up and looked up. Then he saw a little missing on the side of the yard. This is a 45 degree steep slope.

– Then it was just to wake everyone up and get us out. One trembles a little.

Kersty Aune got up early and was on his way to work.

– I heard the right boulder sound, and then it started to shake the house. I ran out and saw the slope coming down.

She maintains:

– I panicked. I ran and picked up the old man and shouted that he was raging. Then we ran and weighed the neighbors, she told NRK.

Kjersti Aune and Kai Johansen

– Panicked: I ran and picked up the old man and shouted that he was raging, Kersty Aune. Here with Guy Johansson.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

– A complex gradient

Stamley says the family of five has been auctioning off the area for 12 years. The landslide occurred 100 meters away from their house. As he says, for 10 years, our movement in the region.

– We felt insecure, he says.

Now that the landslide has occurred he is not surprised.

– This is a slope that is problematic. We were a little upset. I feel there is a lack of control over the municipality. I hope there will be some progress now.

Portrait of Tom Roger Stamley with house and snow in the background

– Issue: Tom Roger Stamnley thinks this has been a landslide prone area for years.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

– We try to be as outspoken as possible, and stay ahead, Steiner Reinkind responds.

He is a unit head in the property and municipal engineering division at Mitre Gold.

– The first impression is that it is a tight culvert that goes over the lake parking lot. This led to mass slips, he explains.

He maintains:

– This is a large, open area and it should be safe by now. That work is very extensive.

Slider Area: Landslide occurred at Storn in Trondelock.

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