Tough psychologist with a sleeping bag at the Vixen Awards – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Tough psychologist with a sleeping bag at the Vixen Awards – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

“I literally swallowed my last fever caramel”.

Also known as the writing influence and psychologist Johan Refseth bagIn a post on Instagram.

“This time Vixen didn’t think about it”Now wait.

Vixen Awards is a selection of Norway’s best influencers and social media profiles in 17 different categories.

The nominations are now ready and the jury held its first meeting this week.

But Refseth is harshly critical.

He hopes the Vixen Awards will connect participants with an intermediary system to communicate with advertisers.

“Also, for those of you who don’t know what information we sit on as profiles, this is no small matter. Here you can see who follows us, where they live, the distribution between genders, how many people view, like and comment on posts, which posts people like the most and which they like the least. .commenter etc. Gold to the advertiser and product matchmaker,” Refseth writes in the post.

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– Can make many people insecure

Part of the recommendation is that different types of influencers and influencers recommend themselves – and others.

Now the applicants are sent an email from Vixen asking them to register their account details.

Not on Vixen, but on is a marketplace that makes it easy to interact with brands and carry out paid collaborations.

Johann Refseth finds this connection objectionable.

Johann Refseth laughs in a yellow raincoat on a city street.

Johan Refseth belongs to a group of social media influencers and leaders like Vex – people who use social media to spread knowledge from their own professional field.

Photo: Johanne Refseth p

Refseth, who has 78,000 followers on Instagram and has also published books, believes many may feel the pressure when Vixen associates such a business veteran with the opportunity to compete for the Vixen Award.

– The problem is that the question about registering on comes in the same email where you find out that you have been nominated for a Vixen Award. One wonders if you have to do it, or are you penalized in some way if you don’t.

She is particularly concerned about teenagers receiving emails from Vixen and feeling pressured to sign up.

– There is pressure and uncertainty over how voluntary it really is. And young people don’t want to know the consequences of registering.

Nutritional biologist and food scientist Marit Colby has also been nominated for Vixen Awards.  In a story on Instagram, he shared Johanne Refseth's post.

Nutritional biologist and food scientist Marit Colby has also been nominated for Vixen Awards. In a story on Instagram, he shared Johanne Refseth’s post.

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Marit_Kolby

Records information about influencers

Today, 20,000 profiles are registered on the site so that they can be easily discovered by relevant brands connecting influencers with advertisers.

On, influencers record how many followers they have. Where do they live, how old are they and so on.

Brand makers can find and engage with influencers that perform well.

The business was launched seven years ago and was bought by Shipstead this summer.

Pia Dryland Vixen Awards and Silly Media

Pia Dryland is considered the mother of the Vixen Awards and she responded to Johan Refseth’s criticism.

Photo: Press photo

Pia Dryland launched the Vixen Awards in 2011. He is still behind the award, which has gradually become a major event for actors.

For Dryland, it is important to establish that Vixen has no connection with

He says he only thought about procedures when selecting the jury to collect data on participants.

The idea was that having accurate measurements would make the jury’s job easier.’s platform provides accurate data and a good overview of other engagement and demographics, making it easy for the jury to find some facts. Among other things, they can get indications of whether certain profiles have bought followers, Dryland says.

– Very unfortunate

He says it didn’t occur to him that advertisers could contact nominees who register.

– If people are forced to register, it’s very unfortunate, we don’t get enough clarity.

He says they don’t have many reactions.

– We got an email from someone who thought nothing of it, but we didn’t get any other negative feedback.

Dryland emphasizes that there is an age limit of 18 to join In closing to NRK, he says that registration there is voluntary and everyone will now receive a new email:

– We send a new email to everyone who received the first email Again Makes it clear that registration is voluntary.

Johan Refseth says he understands that having statistics and information about nominees to a jury can be useful — but he still thinks it’s unfortunate how it was done here.

– They can ask to get that information or get it from a non-commercial player in the same way.

Johann Refseth

– I am a ring fox in the game. So for me standing outside the register of is fine. But what about all the young people now participating in Vixen for the first time, Refseth asks.

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Mats Lyngstad at refers to his post on Instagram under Johanne Refseth’s post.

Among other things, he commented as follows:

“Our mission is to create a better industry where influencers with good values ​​and advertisers with good values ​​succeed”. Delete your profile and your personal data on»

Check out the full comment here:

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/
Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/
Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/

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