News, Bergen | Valhammer: – Remove the pouring stop

News, Bergen |  Valhammer: - Remove the pouring stop

The catering industry in Bergen fears the future. The mayor of the city is asking the government to reinstate the controversial corona measurement.

During the last week of the year, four restaurants went bankrupt. BA has spoken to many of the players in town, and everyone believes that stopping serving alcohol means a very uncertain future for the industry.

City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Labour) is now asking the government to turn around, when the coronavirus measures are reviewed in January.

“Our most important message to the government now is to remove the crossbar again when a new assessment is made in the new year,” Walhammer writes in a letter to the BA on New Year’s Eve.

Walhammer points out that the city council has never imposed a complete ban on alcoholic beverages in Bergen.

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There has never been a full stop locally in Bergen during the nearly two years of the pandemic. He writes this because the consequences are too great for people, businesses and workplaces, and because our local experience in infection control means that it has been an uncertain and imprecise infection control measure.

Especially when we know that parties and social gatherings are often moved to private homes without a professional actor facilitating good infection control.

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I do not agree with the Minister of Health

Valhammer therefore disagrees with his fellow party member and health minister, Ingfeld Kirkul (Labour), on the measure. Kjerkol told British Airways on Thursday that it understands the industry finds the liquor ban harsh, but that action is necessary.

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– I understand very well that the procedures we brought in were difficult to be brought up in an industry that has had a hard time for a long time. Tape stop is an intrusive procedure. We believe it is necessary because people don’t care as much about themselves and others the more alcohol they drink, Health Minister Engfield Kjerkul (Labour) told the BA.

– In the dangerous situation in which we live, where we have and have high infection rates and many inpatients, it is necessary to take measures to reduce contact between people, she continued.

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You want a Corona passport

On New Year’s Eve, the leader of the party group in Stavanger, Dag Musage, came out Stavanger Avengersblad It is believed that the time has come to issue Corona passports. Not just for the food industry.

– The current situation is, of course, difficult for both the nightlife, the cultural life and all the workplaces that are there. But we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of these social areas to most people’s mental health, Mossig tells the paper.

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He believes it is time to distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Those who choose not to be vaccinated are not only endangering themselves, but also others. That’s why we’re closed now. Corona passports will allow differential treatment. We think it’s time for that now.

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It is up to the government

Roger Valhammer says it is up to the government to provide the Corona passport.

Neither the city council nor the Labor Party has taken a position on it in Bergen, because we can only present it if we have local measures. Now we only have national procedures, so it is up to the government to consider the Corona passport as a full or partial alternative, he tells the BA.

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Health Minister Kjerkol said that the government is now studying the possibility of using the Corona certificate more preventively, without the need to introduce strict infection control measures, which will be relaxed.

— But for now, the National Institute of Public Health has recommended waiting to use the Corona certificate, Kirkul says.

The main reason for the introduction of a drinking ban across the country was the omicron variant of the coronavirus. The International Family Health Organization feared the virus could spread.

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– NIPH Director Frode Forland said we had to be on the safe side when the risk was too great for the virus to spread and out of control the health service. Bergens Tidende.

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