Norwegian Politics, 17 May | Flag debate rages: – Norwegian flag should be used

Norwegian Politics, 17 May |  Flag debate rages: - Norwegian flag should be used

Debate is raging on social media over whether children should be allowed to use Ukrainian flags in addition to Norway on the May 17 train.

The plan came from MDG politician Eivind Trædal in Oslo. As Netavicen said this weekend. More than 6,600 people commented on the case on Facebook in two days, and the fronts are steep.

– In many cities in Norway, having different types of flags on the train is very common, so I hope it falls on good soil in Oslo as well, and the May 17 Committee in Oslo hopes to encourage its use. Ukrainian flag on children’s train.

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But now the Progressive Party is making it clear that it is not.

– May 17 Committee I signaled to the committee that we want to abide by the rules for children’s trains, says Marianne Nordley (Frp), the party’s representative on the May 17 committee in the capital.

– I mean?

– The rules state that the Norwegian flag must be used, among other things. He says the Sami people can use the flag or the UN flag if they think it’s a little difficult.

GARDERMON (Netavicen): Conservative leader Erna Solberg on May 17 with a clear message about foreign flags.

– The discussion we had

– If so, are you saying that Ukrainian flags should not be used on trains on May 17 this year?

– We hope we maintain the rules we have today, Nordley responds.

– But there is a special situation in Europe, and many want to sympathize with Ukraine. Do you not see that this year you can use the Ukrainian flag in addition to Norway as an exception?

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– We want to maintain the rules, she says again.

– What do you think about bringing the MDG program?

– To maintain the discipline we have, we have come up with a counter-proposal, says Nordley.

– Why is it important to maintain the rules of today?

– I understand you are trying to make a case.

– It’s one thing, but why do you think it’s important to maintain current rules?

– We discussed this here, we maintain the vision we had for many years, we follow the rules we have, says the FRP politician.

– Then you do not want to explain why?

– No, this is the discussion we had, we have decided that this is a regulation we have to use, he says.

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FNB: – Norwegian flags

Earlier, Frp had left a clear mark on the flag debate, and city council politician Aina Stenerson (Frp) vehemently opposed those who wanted flags other than Norway on the children’s train in 2013 – a case that has been shared on social media for years. Then.

– It’s absolutely crazy that people go with flags other than Norway when we celebrate our National Day, Stenerson then told Netavisen.

The People’s Party (FNB) will also adhere to the current flag rules.

– We support the current rules that encourage the use of Norwegian flags and the Sami flag and the UN flag. As a rule, other flags will not be discarded. I think it provides a good balance, says city council politician Bjrn Reville, who represents the FNB on the May 17 committee in Oslo.

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Background on Treadle’s proposal by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelenskiz. Speech at Sorting on Wednesday Last week, on National Day he praised the Norwegian tradition of children’s trains.

– Like many Norwegians, I think Zelenskyj’s desire to organize children’s trains in Kiev when the country regains independence is touching, and the idea came to me that it could taste a little better by signifying support for Ukraine. The annual train, for those who like it, Trædal told Nettavisen on Saturday.

He has now sent a letter to the May 17 Committee in Oslo in which he brings up the proposal, which was not rejected by the May 17 Committee Chair Anna Dosnes (V).

– When it comes to flags, we have no restrictions on flags other than Norway on the children’s train. Freedom of expression also applies on Constitution Day. He said on Saturday that the committee would decide next week whether to encourage the use of Ukrainian flags in children’s parades.

Solberg: – A little strange discussion

This weekend, Conservative leader Erna Solberg also commented on the now-flagging flag debate:

– I’m coming from the city where you always have other flags on the May 17 train, so I have no problem with that. This slightly different argument that it should only be Norwegian flags and you cannot greet Norway with your own country’s flag, I always thought was a bit strange, Solberg told Netavision.

Sporting representative Dua Mofflock (Labor) also settled the debate:

“There are more discussion posts about foreign flags on the May 17 train than there are foreign flags on the May 17 train. Completely structured discussionHe points out on Twitter.

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The online newspaper contacted many of those sitting on the May 17 committee in Oslo, but so far no response has been received from everyone.

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