– Now I don’t understand anything. nothing.

– Now I don’t understand anything.  nothing.

Now Andrej Medvedev has been arrested by Norwegian police and says he fears extradition to Russia. He has criticized the Norwegian police in one of the videos. – We don’t recognize each other, the police replied.

Andrej Medvedev spoke to his supporters on Friday. There was a good atmosphere then. It didn’t last long.

Andrej Medvedev’s story became world news when he told of his dramatic escape from Russia to Norway on the night of January 13.

He claimed to be part of the sinister Wagner group but escaped when he saw the true face of war. After several critical interviews, he fled to Norway, fearing for his life.

Last week, he was questioned by Norway’s Kripos. He himself says that he was locked up in a “shack-like hotel” out of fear for his safety.

Over the weekend, he was arrested by Norwegian immigration police.

Consideration is being given to whether he should be jailed. What happened?

Is his story unraveling? Or is it just a misunderstanding?

In a video posted on Monday, Medvedev came up with his version What has happened since the escape. A video posted on the website of controversial Russian activist Vladimir Osheshkin shows the 26-year-old looking confused and scared.

The video contains a scathing critique of how he is treated in Norway.

Here is a brief review:

1. A Trip to an Island: Medvedev says the guard told him he was on a boat to take him to an island. This scared the Russian people. He understood that he would now end up in the hands of the Wagner group or the Russian authorities.

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2. Dissatisfaction with facilities: In a new video, Medvedev complains about security measures implemented by Norwegian police. He describes being under house arrest. He was given food, but he thought it was very poor. Smoking was also difficult.

– What annoyed me the most was that they took away all the kitchen equipment from me. Spoons, forks and knives. I can’t cook.

– I don’t want to eat the food they gave me.

Andrej Medvedev now sits in Trandom awaiting a decision on what will happen to him.

3. Trandom is very important to the city: Medvedev says he was suddenly arrested, handcuffed and put in a cage. He was then taken to an immigration center in Trandom. Among others, foreigners who are forcibly returned or who are subject to extra strict security measures are sent here.

– They said I was arrested for violating immigration rules.

Medvedev makes it clear that he does not agree with the restrictions imposed on him.

– I’m afraid. They hide me from everyone so that as few as possible hear about my situation.

In the video, Wagner defector asks Norwegian authorities to grant him political asylum. He makes a plea to Prime Minister Jonas Karstor – here with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

4. Fear of future: Medvedev says he had many goals in coming to Norway. First save his life and live a normal life in Norway. Second, to tell the whole world the truth about what is happening in Russia. He also said he would like to see Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian Wagner group, who is now being tried for several serious war crimes, punished.

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During the conversation, Medvedev says he may now be deported to Ukraine, where he believes he will not receive fair treatment.

– It seems that after submitting my diploma, I may be deported to Ukraine. Then I may be deported to Russia, says Medvedev.

– Now I don’t understand anything. nothing.

– Strong disagreement about security measures

Medvedev’s lawyer Brynjulf ​​Risnes used much of Monday to say the situation was caused by misunderstandings. Among other things, he describes the handover as entirely questionable.

Medvedev voluntarily lived in a safe house under police protection. Then Risnes describes it as a “strong disagreement”.

If Medvedev did not want to live under these conditions, the police had practically only two options: let him go or arrest him.

– We are still in conversation about getting a possible one, Risnes tells Aftenposten.

He was arrested on Sunday under the Immigration Act, the Immigration Unit (PU) of the police said. It is currently being considered whether he should be jailed. PU sent a review by Medvedev. They confirm that he was taken to Trandom

– Here he stays under the same conditions as other prisoners. We do not recognize ourselves in his criticism. Jan Andreas Johansson replied that the police did not say he would return to Russia. He is the Acting Head of Law Department at PU.

Kripos declined to comment on the case beyond saying that Medvedev has been investigated and still has witness status.

A central, unanswered question is, among other things, whether the videos he brought with him contained evidence of Wagner Group executions and other Russian war crimes.

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