Oslo Bors End – BW LPG Rise in Numbers

Oslo Bors End – BW LPG Rise in Numbers

– I don't think so, as Equinor controls 16 percent of the company. But if you look at the offers made to other companies, they imply a Scatec rate of up to NOK 150, Garvik tells Finansavisen.

Full throttle at shipping company

Otherwise, on the positive side, BW LPG rose almost 11 percent to NOK 210.40 in its quarterly report. The shipping company didn't quite reach its record fourth-quarter result last year, but it still made a lot of money. Another gas shipping company, Avance Gas, rose 2%.

Otherwise, in the shipping sector, Frontline shares fell 3% to NOK 296.70 after the quarterly report showed an increase of $180 million in the first quarter, versus 220 million expected. The entire profit is released as profits to the owners.

– We have good liquidity and good visibility, says John Frederiksen Tank Director Lars H. Barstad to Finansavisen.


Furthermore, TGS/PGS shares rose 3-4 percent, while Subsea 7 shares rose 2 percent to NOK 193 after securing one of its largest contracts ever.

Shares of SmartCraft rose more than 4 percent after the launch of Tellus, a so-called open source solution for obtaining and analyzing fuel consumption for trailers and trucks.

We also include Magnora, whose shares rose more than 4 percent after generating gains more than 16 times the Swedish solar company Helios, which is being sold to the French for $850 million. Profit goes to shareholders.

Neal's scent is in the necklace

On the negative side, we note Neil, who is in good form after his signing last week with Indian Reliance. The stock finished down nearly 11 percent to NOK 7.02, the decline intensifying after the company announced a €3.8 million order from Alperia Greenpower for hydrogen filling equipment in Italy.

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Schibsted (A and B) shares are down about 17 and about 20 percent (NOK 62 and NOK 70), but with shares up to NOK 77.10 excluding earnings on Thursday, we're actually talking about an increase. Support came from a very positive Carnegie analysis describing the stock as a four-stage rocket, as well as Christian Brentzel Halvorsen, the recently appointed head of Schibsted Marketplaces, purchasing 5,400 shares.

Elsewhere on the list of losers, SAS stock opened down about 20 percent after losing SEK 3.1 billion in the second quarter, but in the end the stock's decline, which is worthless according to the company itself, came down to about 12 percent. cent.

Drilling rig stocks took a punt

At the other end of the spectrum, we include Lytix Biopharma, which rose more than 14 percent after its quarterly report CEO Åystein Reykdal spoke at Åkonominyhettene on Thursday.

The company is awaiting the results of the main line from the second phase study, but is relying on help from a major company to get through the third phase and the final product to market.

Prosafe shares jumped 18 percent after concluding a letter of intent to lease a residential platform for 15 months. The contract is likely to be worth more than one billion kroner.

Hexagon Composites will receive approximately NOK 950 million net cash upon completion of the Hexagon Ragasco sale, which is expected to take place around June 3. The stock rose 8 percent on the news, thus rising a whopping 70 percent in May.

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