Police have launched new searches in the Lørenskog case

Police have launched new searches in the Lørenskog case

The discovery of two scraps of paper at the home of Tom and Anne-Elisabeth Hagen in Sloravion in Lorenzgók led police to investigate local farms, VG reported.

It has been almost five years since Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from her home in Lorenzgók on 31 October 2018. Tom Hagen’s wife of the same age, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, then 68, did not answer the phone. He went home from office to check. When he got home, he found the house empty and a threatening letter in broken Norwegian demanding, among other things, a ransom of nine million euros in cryptocurrency.

What happened remains a mystery. Theories proliferated. It started as a kidnapping case. At last the thing turned. On 28 April 2020, police arrested Tom Hagen. His wife has been missing for a year and a half. He has now been released, but his bodyguard, Sven Holden, is still charged with his wife’s murder. Two others have also been charged in the case. All three accused deny criminal wrongdoing.

Saturday reports VG About the hitherto unknown proceedings in the investigation. Cattle dung was reportedly found on two pieces of paper at the home of Tom Anne-Elisabeth Hagen in Sloraveien. The discovery led police to search dung cellars at local farms in Lørenskog, the newspaper writes.

Tom Hagen reportedly informed police that the cow dung may have come from cow dung and soil the couple kept in a compost pile in the garden. He believes the puppy Anne-Elisabeth Hagen had at the time of her disappearance may have dug into the compost pile and the wife may have wiped the dog with a paper towel.

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However, DNA testing showed that the dung came exclusively from cows, and this must have led to visiting local farms in Lorenzgók and talking to farmers who had dung cellars.

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