Renate Rødt from Debaten – running for VG

Renate Rødt from Debaten - running for VG
Opened: Drammen’s Renate Søderlund was strong when she talked about the financial challenges in NRK’s ​​discussion.

Tears flowed in the studio as Renate Søderlund, along with many others, spoke about financial challenges.

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Rising living costs and unemployment benefit cuts are the topic NRK’s ​​discussion a week agoSøderlund and two other women opened up about struggling to make ends meet financially.

After the 46-year-old appeared as a guest on the show, messages of support poured in and now she writes that she has decided to enter politics. Drama’s Times.

He tells the newspaper that it is time to try to change from being a sofa politician to a proper politician.

Söderlund is running as a local politician for Rot in Drammen in the 2023 municipal elections. The nomination list from the local team was prepared last week and he is at number 8.

She says she wants to run to give something back to society.

– When you sit and feel that you are picking and taking the wallet of society, nothing is returned in the form of work effort. This has affected self-esteem, he says.

Maria “Newly Poor”: “Do everything so that it does not show”

Söderlund was again a guest at Tuesday’s debate, where he challenged Labor and Content Minister Marte Mjos Persson, who did not want to stand in the first debate.

Drammenseren opens up about the challenges she faced as a single mother on Employment Verification payments after a car accident a few years ago.

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After the three women shared their stories, host Fredrik Solwang found it hard to contain his reactions when he had to present the statistics:

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