Reports of violent attacks on the Gaza Strip: – Loss of contact with the outside world

Reports of violent attacks on the Gaza Strip: – Loss of contact with the outside world

Violent explosions and clashes were reported in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night. Meanwhile, aid organizations and media struggle to communicate with people on the ground.


– Gaza lost contact with the outside world at a time when there were reports of intensifying bomb attacks. Writes the UN coordinator Lynn Hastings at X, formerly Twitter.

On Saturday night, several organizations reported that they were unable to contact their personnel inside the Gaza Strip. The internet is down, and the phone lines don’t work either.

This happens after the Israeli army announced on Friday evening that it would expand its attacks on Gaza on Saturday night – both on the ground and in the air.

  • There were reports of violent explosions in several places in the Gaza Strip on Friday evening and Saturday night. the channel Al Jazeera Referring to the night attacks as the most violent since the war began three weeks ago.
  • Meanwhile, Hamas said it was fighting Israeli ground forces in northern Gaza.
  • Israel confirms the presence of its soldiers inside the Gaza Strip on Saturday night.
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– When this is over, Gaza will be completely different, this is what Mark Regev, one of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s advisors, said in an interview with the American newspaper. Fox News Friday Night.

He added that Israel’s goal is to crush Hamas.

It confirms their presence inside the Gaza Strip

in Statement on Saturday morning Hamas says it has prepared for a possible ground invasion from Israel. According to them, fighting is already taking place inside the Gaza Strip.

We are facing an Israeli ground invasion in Beit Hanoun and in the eastern part of Bureij. Violent clashes are taking place on the ground there, according to a statement by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

Beit Hanoun is located in the north of the Gaza Strip, while the Bureij area is located in the central part of the Strip.

Israel confirms that it has soldiers in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night, but will not say whether this is the beginning of the long-announced ground invasion, NTB writes.

Our soldiers are working inside the Gaza Strip, as they did yesterday, said Israeli army spokesman Nir Dinar.

An expert on the Israeli raid on Gaza: It may be a test of Hamas’ defenses

It is not possible to contact people on the ground

Meanwhile, media and relief organizations struggle to reach people and sources inside Gaza.

The Palestinian Red Crescent, Amnesty International, World Health Organization, Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders are among the organizations that have reported. guardian.

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This means that it will be more difficult to obtain important information and evidence about human rights violations and war crimes committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and to hear directly from those who are subjected to them, says Amnesty International in a statement. .

This blackout of information could lead to the cover-up of major atrocities and contribute to the release of those responsible for human rights violations, says analyst Deborah Brown of Human Rights Watch (HRW).

In recent days, VG made contact with several people inside Gaza, but was unable to contact them on Friday evening and Saturday evening. Messages are listed as undelivered on the WhatsApp messaging service.

Press organization CPJ wrote in a statement They are very concerned that the media is not communicating with those reporting from within.

This could have dire consequences and lead to an information vacuum that could be filled with deadly propaganda and misinformation, they write.

– Large loss figures can be expected

Marti Heian-Engdahl, a Ph.D. in history and associate director at the Center for International Conflict Resolution, told VG on Friday evening that the announced Israeli expansion “represents a new phase in the war.”

– There is a big difference between bombing a place from above and entering densely populated neighborhoods and cities where you are in close contact with the person you are fighting with.

We can also expect large numbers of casualties, most likely on both sides, but especially on the Palestinian side. She said that the majority there are not fighters and have nothing to fight or protect themselves with.

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120 countries in the United Nations demand a ceasefire

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a non-binding resolution on Gaza on Friday evening. Here the call is for “an immediate, permanent and sustainable humanitarian ceasefire leading to an end to hostilities.”

120 countries supported the resolution, including Norway.

The newspaper wrote that this matter was not well received in Israel Haaretz: Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen says that Israel rejects the United Nations’ prayer to the contrary, while UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan says that the United Nations has lost all legitimacy. Read more about it here.


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