Review: Janov – “Black Carnival”

Review: Janov - "Black Carnival"




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«In Kaisers Land.»

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album: Were you among the many who loved the “rock music” of the Kaisers Orchestra, which had an adventurous career taped to the stage from 2001 to 2013? If so, I have good news for you.

Kaizers again

Solo artist Jan Oatessen (45 years old), in recent years only Janoff, is closest to the “umba band” in expression – and no closer than the “black carnival” that has been hit by the epidemic. This is not surprising, since he was responsible for most of the songs, music, events and partly also production at Kaiser. Peaked with The Maestro, who got six of these references in 2005.

“Maestro” was produced by Janove in collaboration with Jørgen Træen, who worked closely with both the Kaizers and Janove for a number of years – and who mixed and perfected the nine tracks that make up the “Black Carnival”. Perhaps this is what the Kaisers would have looked like today had they met again?

New Jobs

After eight albums and direct hits in several European countries, the band took a “break” in 2013 – with no indication that they would immediately make a comeback. For – the members were given other things to think about. Norwegian rock has received new constellations in the form of projects other than Saturn, Terje Winterstø Røthing’s successful project Skambankt and thus Janove.

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Janove’s debut solo – in English – It came already in 2004. “Black Carnival” is the number three solo album in Stavanger dialect, In addition to two (EPs). At the same time he worked with music and theater music.

“Artists and Marilyn” (2017) And “Hungman” (2018) The reviewers at Dagbladet didn’t quite like it, but here’s Forever Janov’s “Blows” back!


The starting point for the “Black Carnival” idea Relive a travel adventure that reaches the jewels of continental Europe in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and London, in a locomotive with all its characters and stories unraveling, admittedly. But it’s an album adventure.

Janove’s script universe is special and weird, but it’s not necessary understand titles like “rich well lies”, not ciphertext either, for a long time Music Then he got the degree – here with the fiery guitars of guest musician Matthias Hellberg as a powerful engine.

It is not always easy imagine feeling Instead of dialect texts, but cash grove and fun He is the glue in this project. You’ll recognize some of the wildness in music from the Kaizers, but it’s more streamlined and controlled in the wild. We can definitely live with that.

I live studio

Janove has worked together since 2017 and has become a co-producer with songs recorded live in the studio. Who are the “conspirators”? Børge Fjordheim (Cloroform) plays drums, Gulleiv Wee (The September When) plays bass, Dag Sindre Vagle (Helldorado) plays guitar and marimba, Swede Micke Lohse (Atomic Swing) tracks piano, spinets and keyboards, Renate Engevold, Ein Haley and Benedict Ursland playing the violin and cello, and Janov sings.

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“Quiet noise”

“Flowers from the grave” Easily inspired by stones, “tanker” Swinging forward led by strings, “over the rubble” She can be found in the naked version of the EP «Barricade Ballads» (2020), but she’s in a rocker suit here, “Mirror Error” It’s huge cabaret music and “same to you” is a rock of noise, while the point is set more subtly – and in a small corridor – a bit inspired by the Queen “The longest farewell in the world”. It’s a seven-minute “soft noise” that begins with the piano and floats for ten minutes with a tricky train that disappears into the distance as winds and waves howl over the ground – just like at the front of the title track and a few other places.

A long goodbye, and you may only hear this sequence once – if you don’t want to revamp the music for your meditation class. But she forgave for a long time. Janove has delivered her best and most versatile albums since the Kaizers Orchestra was on everyone’s lips.

This fall, concerts will be held in the largest Norwegian cities.

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