Royal expert compares Meghan and Harry to scandal fest

Royal expert compares Meghan and Harry to scandal fest

Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (42) have made the Sussex name less attractive. At least that’s what Daniela Elser, an expert on the Australian royal house, thinks.

In an opinion article for Australia News It’s dragging the Duke and Duchess of Sussex through the mud – and killing Netflix’s latest deal with them.

– It will never happen

– Is it good news?

Earlier this week, Carly Fortune, author of the bestselling Meet Me At The Lake, confirmed, independent Archwell productions for Harry and Meghan will adapt the book.

The result will be shown on Netflix, which previously entered into a $1 billion agreement with the Duke and Duchess. However, not everyone believes that the streaming service is doing the right thing in this regard.

Among them is Elser.

Prince Harry (38) and Prince Andrew (63) did not take an official part during the coronation on Saturday, May 6. Video: AP.
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“Is this lake adaptation actually good news for Harry and Meghan?” she asks.

She also wonders if Harry and Meghan are even qualified to produce the adaptation. She notes that together they are good at many things, such as “medication”, “dressing” and “flying a helicopter”, but believes that they have as much experience creating successful TV content as they do brain surgery.

Sharing the photo after the separation rumors

Sharing the photo after the separation rumors

She thinks Megan’s role in “Suits” isn’t enough to produce a major Netflix adaptation.

He reportedly did not pay himself

Elser also addresses the elephant in the room. When the adaptation was first announced, the Duke and Duchess themselves seemed to have bombed with the rights to the book.

However, at a later time, there are many reports, including to Page sixclaimed that it was Netflix itself that paid 30 million for the cost of the agreement.

broken: Prince Harry reveals details of his alleged fight with his brother Prince William on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. Video: Pluto TV
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Elser writes: “If Harry and Meghan don’t have the skills, experience or connections to make a TV series, even as Archwell productions are packed with industry professionals, what should they offer?”

Title removed

Title removed

The royal expert presses down on all the scandals that have circulated in recent years. She understands why the Duke and Duchess were profitable at first – but believes the Sussex name is now associated with family dysfunction.

Because of this, she doesn’t think Netflix made a good deal.

“I really don’t think the Sussex name is worth what it used to be, until they leaked family secrets and got a lot of money for it.”

Don't trust Daniel

Don’t trust Daniel

“The problem is that this shift in reputation, combined with their lack of content production skills, experience and, allegedly, listening ability, is starting to make them as attractive as the commercial proposition for Fyre Festival 2.0.”

On the other hand, Elser does not rule out success for the ducal couple, but writes that it could go either way.

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