Russia and Ukraine – The “Storm of the Century” rages.

Russia and Ukraine – The “Storm of the Century” rages.

A violent storm hit the Black Sea in recent days. This led to the collapse of the so-called “anti-sabotage barriers” erected by Russia on the Kerch Bridge.

You write the newspaper Independent KyivR.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia must have used cordon barriers as barriers to protect against Ukrainian drone attacks at sea.

Many have called the storm “the storm of the century,” according to the newspaper, and it is said that more than two million people in Ukraine and Russia were without electricity as a result of the storm.

At least ten people died in Ukraine, as a result of the storm, which particularly affected the Odessa region.

On October 19, President Vladimir Putin visited the headquarters of Russia’s Southern Military District. Now photos from the meeting are going viral. Video: A.B. Reporter: Marti Niloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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The Russian ships were taken out

Arne Baard Dalhaug, retired Lieutenant General, told Dagbladet that the storm would not have any major impact on the war yet.

Russia is more concerned about Ukrainian drones and naval drone attacks that have destroyed several Russian ships in recent months, Dalhaug tells Dagbladet.

However, as winter begins to make its arrival in Ukraine, one can see that Russia’s tactics are beginning to change. This was also seen last year, according to the retired team.

Russian women criticize Putin

In recent days, it has been noted that Russia has intensified drone attacks against Ukraine.

On Wednesday night, the Ukrainian military announced that it had shot down 21 Russian drones.

The Russians are also said to have fired three missiles. Two planes were shot down and the third missed its target, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Comparison with Bakhmut: Russia is paying a bloody price for its attempt to seize the city of Avdiivka. Video: Telegram/X. Reporter: Vegard Kruger.
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On Saturday night, Ukraine was said to have shot down 74 of 75 Russian drones, in what they described as the largest drone attack since the beginning of the invasion.

– It is not an unexpected development. He says it has long been expected that Russia would attack water and electricity infrastructure in the winter.

– It’s become much better

But despite the fact that Russia has intensified its attacks, it has not yet achieved the greatest impact, Dalhoug points out.

– The Ukrainian Air Force has become much better than it was a year ago. Therefore, they were also able to shoot down several drones. “I also think that Russia is sending too many drones to detect the location of the Ukrainian Air Force,” he adds.

Elimination of Ukrainian dissident

Elimination of Ukrainian dissident

As cold weather sets in in Ukraine and Russia, bad weather will affect both sides of the war. But according to the retired team, Ukraine clearly has greater advantages throughout the winter than Russia.

– Winter is clearly an advantage for Ukraine, even if both parties are affected. At the same time, it could become critical for civilians in Ukraine if infrastructure is destroyed. Dalhoug says this is a way to terrorize residents.

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