February 7, 2023


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Search - I saw it all on camera

Search – I saw it all on camera

The search for former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida sent shock waves across the United States this week.

After Monday’s search, Attorney General Merrick Garland had to answer about the background. It is still not known concretely what the FBI and the Department of Justice were looking for in the house.

Washington Post He writes that sources say that agents searched for classified documents related to nuclear weapons.

– deceive, deceive, deceive

Trump himself denies this.

In Trouble: Donald Trump has several investigations underway against him. Photo: AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson
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– The thing about nuclear weapons is just nonsense, just like Russia, Russia and Russia. Russia was a hoax, the trial was a hoax, and Mueller’s investigation is a hoax, he wrote on his own Truth Social.

He also massacred the FBI because his lawyers were not allowed to participate in the research. He also accuses the agents of being able to plant evidence in the Mar-a-Lago . mansion

According to the newspaper’s sources, there is deep concern among US officials about the documents that could be in the possession of Trump at the property located in Mar-a-Lago.

– I saw it all on camera

The FBI raided the residence when the former president was in New York. One of Donald Trump’s lawyers, Kristina Pope, claims that the former president and his family followed the search from New York via a surveillance camera.

search warrant: Dagbladet’s USA correspondent, Vigard Kavale, comments on the statements of US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Reporter: Figard Kaval. Program Director: Vigard Krueger
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This is what The Independent wrote.

– They’ve actually seen everything. She said on the conservative TV show Real America’s Voice that they know more about what happened inside the house than I do.

She was then asked about FBI reports, which allegedly say that surveillance cameras have been turned off.

– they did it. At first. She replied, but they were told they didn’t actually have to, so they turned them back on after a short time.

In the wake of the search for Trump’s home in Florida, US Attorney Merrick Garland confirmed that he personally agreed to the FBI’s request for a search warrant.

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