Secondary School, News | Amalie Schramm has the highest average to enter high school

Secondary School, News |  Amalie Schramm has the highest average to enter high school

Three high schools where admission to special education is most difficult are:

Amalie Schramm Secondary School, Study Special 51.90

Bergen Cathedral School, Study Special 47.60

Olsvikåsen Secondary School, study specialty 46.30

Here is the maximum average to get:

Amalie Schramm Secondary School Studies Specialization 51.90

Amalie Schramm Secondary School Extension. Gen. Study skills 51.30

Amalie Schramm Secondary School Media and Communication 50.90

Åsane Secondary School Carpenter 50.00

Laksevåg and Bergen Maritime Secondary School Well Technology 50.00

Laksevåg and Bergen Maritime Secondary School Chemical Process and Laboratory Courses 48.80

Åsane Secondary School Develop general study skills 48.60

Laksevåg and Bergen Maritime High School Automation 48.60

Bergen Cathedral School Study Special 47.60

Langhaugen Secondary School Music, Dance and Drama, Music 47.50

Nordahl Grieg Secondary School Extension. Gen. Study ability 46.30

Langhaugen Secondary School Study Special 45.90

Many people get the first choice

On Friday, 22,700 applicants received a response to their application for a school place. Of these, 16,650 are given first choice for both an education program and a school.

– This means that most young people will get the training opportunity they want in the first intake this year as well, writes the County Council in a press release.

After the first intake, 1,354 candidates remain without offer. Those waiting for an offer on preparatory education programs are mainly from the Stor-Bergen area.

Most applicants for specialized courses

Special Studies had the highest number of applicants in the first round with 10,582 applications. Out of which 9,975 seats have been allotted.

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In Westland, there are still 1,600 school places vacant.

– The District Council writes that these places do not correspond to the wishes of those who are now not given places.

There are 2,247 places in the extension programs in Stor-Bergen, and 2,781 people have applied.

So far 165 students have not been given school place.

Very long waiting list

In VG1 this year, the academic program for technical and industrial subjects has a long waiting list.

Here, 1,353 applicants are on the waiting list today, and 502 have this program as their first priority.

Admission Timings for Secondary Schools in Westland:

  • 7 July: Offers on for the first intake
  • July 16: Response deadline for first intake
  • 22 July: Notification of second intake
  • 30 July: Response deadline for other intakes
  • August 8: Third intake. You answer yes to the offer by showing up at school on the first day of school.

Source: Westland County Municipality

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