Shall we dance, Alexandra Juner?

Shall we dance, Alexandra Juner?

Alexandra Gunner (33) and Selke Maurstad (31) meet on Saturday in the 19th “Shall We Dance” final.

It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious, but there is no doubt that they both plan to give it their all on the dance floor. When Nettavisen caught up with Gunner before Saturday’s broadcast, she made no secret of the fact that she wanted to remain a winner this year.

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– When you reach the final, you are an indirect winner anyway. Then you had to do everything you could do. But I want that trophy, of course. I won’t lie about it and say otherwise. “So the final will be exciting,” says Gunner.

Frequent discussion

Alexandra Juner was the favorite to go away on “Shall We Dance” even before this year’s season began.

And so it happened, because now she’s in the grand final.

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But not everyone thinks Gunner has anything to do with the competition. This year, as last year, controversy has once again erupted over whether it is unfair to allow celebrities with dancing backgrounds to participate.

The 33-year-old has a background in hip-hop, and participated in the dance competition Dance Fever when she was younger.

Last year, many people thought the same thing about actor Cengiz Al, 26, who ran away with a win on the All-Star season.

Among other things, the topic has been widely discussed on the anonymous gossip app Jodel, where fans seem to disagree somewhat on the question of whether or not it is fair to include Juner.

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– Many years ago

On the other hand, Juner herself made it clear that her dancing background is not necessarily an advantage.

– Whoever thinks so has not participated in this. If they had been involved in the training we do, they would have thought, ‘Oh, it’s all inside,’” explains Gunner with a hearty laugh.

She points out that hip-hop and gymnastics are two completely different things, and it’s been a long time since she’s danced herself.

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-I stopped working when I was 19, and it started a few years ago. Hip-hop and everything we do on Shall We Dance cannot be compared at all,” the 33-year-old stresses.

-It’s like comparing slalom and cross-country skiing. It’s completely different things. The advantage was that you had skis on your feet.

Shall We Dance judge Meriti Mörk-Lingard, 61, previously agreed TV 2He pointed out that you can’t necessarily do a new dance style even if you’re familiar with another style — in this case hip-hop — before.

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